fabric Originals: Manni Dee announces new EP featuring Manuka Honey and Grove

The first single 'For Love & Money' from Manni Dee is out now.

Manni Dee, the acclaimed producer, DJ, and multi-disciplinary artist, is set to release a new digital EP 'Boundless' for release on fabric Originals. This four-track project is a testament to the British-Asian artist's ever-evolving approach to production and features dynamic collaborations with Manuka Honey and Grove. 'Boundless' showcases Manni Dee's versatility and growth, as he delves into fresh club music territory under the fabric Originals banner.

Following a busy period and a series of successful projects, including performances at the Boiler Room World Series in Mumbai and Bangalore, Manni Dee is now firmly rooted in London, ready to mark his solo debut release with the capital's leading electronic music brand, fabric. The EP continues Manni's recent exploration into vocal-heavy dancefloor cuts that effortlessly blend various genres, styles, and tempos. Opening with the energetic 'For Love & Money,' the EP sets the tone for a riveting sonic journey crafted with the dancefloor in mind.

"I'm pleased to announce my latest EP 'Boundless' and lead single 'For Love & Money' on the fabric Originals imprint. The music on this EP expresses everything I love about club culture and beyond. I look forward to sharing more as the project develops. Thanks for the support and to all those on the fabric team." - Manni Dee

Boundless demonstrates Manni Dee's ability to seamlessly fuse diverse influences, taking listeners on an exhilarating exploration of club-centric creativity. From the infectious collaboration with Manuka Honey on 'All Of It' to the compelling 'Polarise' and the flirtatious stepper 'Super Soaker' featuring Grove's mischievous vocals, the EP is a celebration of unapologetic musical experimentation and genre-bending artistry.

This EP, along with a catalog of recent work, flexes his respect for a variety of influences, from hip-hop – one of Manni’s first musical loves – along with pop, R&B and dubby UK sounds. Just like his influences – “My cultural references are broad’ – the people he surrounds himself with, are wide-ranging too. Since moving to London, Manni met most of his closest friends through the London and UK club community that he now calls home. “The best people I've ever met are through clubs and club culture," reflects Manni. People, collaborations, and crowds drive Manni creatively, and on ‘Boundless’ it shows. 

If clubland is home for Manni, his landing now on fabric Originals, an in-house imprint of an enduring London institution, is a perfect fit. A long-time player in the capital’s club music world, fabric is a space for gathering and sharing music – something also close to Manni’s heart. Launched in late 2022, fabric Originals represents fabric’s continued embrace of new music and emerging artists. Originals put out new music for the club – a label where great-sounding, original, club-focused sounds sit beyond constraints or preconceptions. Manni Dee’s addition to the imprint is a neat fit; an artist who continues to put originality, abandonment of genre-contains, and preconceptions of “cool” first. 

On ‘Boundless’, Manni Dee's signature stamp is unmistakable, resulting in a crafted collection of tracks that seamlessly blend cutting-edge beats with compelling melodies. It’s an eloquent exploration both of the essence and hybridity of club culture itself and the tapestry of humanity it embraces. Ultimately, this is club-ready music, more than capable of getting any crowd moving.

Boundless is out on 12th January 2024 on fabric Originals.

Manni Dee – Boundless

  1. Manni Dee - For Love & Money
  2. Manni Dee - All Of It (feat. Manuka Honey)
  3. Manni Dee x Grove - Super Soaker
  4. Polarise