fabric Originals: TYGAPAW's new album 'love has never been a popular movement.' is out now

The high-tempo techno cut 'SK9 (Release Me)' ft. LSDXOXO is also out today to mark the full album arrival.

Acclaimed producer, DJ, and New York club scene community leader TYGAPAW has released their highly anticipated second album, love has never been a popular movement. The eight-track album is a focused and intentional work addressing TYGAPAW's personal journey as a Jamaican reckoning with their trans identity.

The album, out today (21st April 2023) on our imprint for new underground sounds fabric Originals, has already been previewed by TYGAPAW during their tour across Europe. Also out today to celebrate the full album arrival is "SK9 (Release Me)," a lowdown, high-tempo cut of seductive techno featuring DJ, producer, and vocalist LSDXOXO.

TYGAPAW's album takes its title from a James Baldwin speech with the final project acting a mission statement to dismantle patriarchy, racism, and queerphobia set to  full-bodied, soul-rendering electronic music. With love has never been a popular movement., TYGAPAW cements their status as one of the most important artists in the New York club scene, providing a cutting edge soundtrack to nights of decadence and deviance without limits.

The album is available now on clear vinyl with black inners, and a poster insert with full credits and vinyl from the fabric store.


"love has never been a popular movement, and no one's ever wanted really to be free."

The album scopes eight tracks; atmospheric techno through to East Coast club, and with unshakable confidence does the vital work of fierce self-love as well as exploring TYGAPAW's journey as a Jamaican reckoning with their trans identity. And the title of the new album has perhaps never been more relevant, and sits in perfect context.

Taking the propulsive energy accumulated from relentless touring since the release of their debut album GET FREE, TYGAPAW has transposed that devastating frission into a focused, intentional sonic product. Proving that making club music is work, and vital work at that.

You might recognise the album title. Taken from a James Baldwin speech (ref: ‘Meeting The Man: James Baldwin in Paris, Dir. Terence Dixon United Kingdom, France, 1970) its not hard to draw connection between the influential African-American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, social critic, and one of the most prominent figures of 20th-century American literature, Black culture and political thought, and the energetic and avoidably political pluses of TYGAPAW, a Black Trans artist striving for both identity and expression.

Famous for writing about race in America, Baldwin was openly gay, and wrote powerfully about race and American culture from a male Black gay perspective. Dual identities - of sexuality or of gender, and race - are themes in both artists' work, while working through very different mediums, an at very different times, TYGAPAW has cited Baldwin as inspiration, and calling back on the quote, formulates a powerful correlation.

love has never been a popular movement.
Released 21st April

4. GLAMOUR Riddim ft. George Riley
6. SK9 (Release Me) ft. LSDXOXO