fabric podcast 027 – Alienata

An intricate and impactful techno journey in mix form, ahead of Alienata’s return to the club for Continuum 24 Hours (2nd-3rd Dec).

Earth-shattering techno and intricate textures make up the delicate yet impactful sound of Alienata. The Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist is a self-described “sound obsessive” whose influences span anything from electro, ACID, dub, IDM, dark disco, techno, industrial atmospheres, and strains of sounds from both Detroit and Chicago. As founder of Discos Atónicos, she’s been able to platform and materialise her own influences, sharing music and making a mark.

With an approach to music that often leans towards alternative shades of techno, adding a blend of acid, electro, and old-school vibes, to traditional hard-hitting aspects, Alienata straddles high-calibre artistry, reminding us that techno can be complex, as well as wonderful loud and unignorable - and it's the nuance, and attention to detail, that often makes the most impact.

Ahead of Alienata’s return to the club this weekend (2nd-3rd December), she swoops in for the next edition of our mix series. Episode 027 is a breath of fresh air. That being said, it's a journey that is already taking us mentally into the dark, comforting, audio sanctuary that is our own Room 2 – where you’ll find Alienata smashing out her signature style for a special B2B set with Neighbourhood founder and club regular Tasha during the Saturday night section of our next Continuum.

Strap in for a delightfully alienating journey. Warming, hypnotic techno, a driving industrial tone, and dark, obscure elements.

Alienata plays B2B with Tasha for our next Continuum 24+ Hours. Tickets below and here.

All tickets allow re-entry across the event.