fabric podcast 026 - Quest

Wonky, funky and driving electro from Berlin-Based Italian selector Quest, that lands just in time for our Birthday marathon. Get us to Room 1 now.

Born in Italy, Quest began a musical journey inspired by the likes of Francesco Del Garda, and the distinct selector-scene emerging from the country. This emerging artist has since polished his musical prowess, cutting his teeth working at London record store housed in Hackney Wick – a favourite store for many-a DJ here in the capital – Vinyl Pimp. Now however, he’s firmly rooted in the Berlin scene, the city he now calls home, where he's become a key force in labyrinthine underground circles there.

Quest’s  pursuit of musical gems and finesse in crafting diverse sets have solidified his position as an eminent tastemaker. With roots intertwined in the raw essence of Italian Hip-Hop, Quest's eclectic repertoire traverses anything from experimental techno to the infectious rhythms of UKG. His magnetic presence has graced renowned stages globally, from Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse in Berlin to the pulsating heart of Kiev's Closer, London's Art of Dark, New York's Outwatch, Boston's Reset, Stockholm's enigmatic mmmmm, and beyond.

Quest has been a key aficionado within the close-kit, offbeat minimal scene. Within which, Quest's name echoes with reverence, nestled alongside the likes of revered maestros such as Nicolas Lutz, Vera, Binh, and Andrew James Gustav. A devoted sonic digger, Quest unearths forgotten musical relics, seamlessly breathing new vitality into forgotten tracks, rendering them as evocative as ever. Strap into Quest's electrifying, and electro-driven new mix for the fabric podcast series.

Quest plays Room 1 for the fabric 24th Birthday on 14th-16th October.