'fabric SELECTS I' compilation ft. DJ MELL G, Tommy Four Seven, Adiel, Deena Abdelwahed & more is out now

The 12-track compilation is made up entirely of new music and is out now via our new label imprint fabric Originals.

Today (25th November 2022) fabric Originals release fabric SELECTS I, a brand new 12-track compilation of original music, into the world for the first time. Since announcing our new imprint back in September, Originals has seen exciting releases from the likes of Eris Drew & Octo Octa, DJ Bone and Helena Hauff. The new compilation shares the ethos of both our label and the club of uplifting rising talent alongside well-established pioneers. It features tracks from the likes of Tommy Four Seven, DJ MELL G, Deena Abdelwahed, Quelza, Elli Acula and more.

SELECTS I features original music created especially for the release, and works to place emerging names amongst some of the world’s most established underground producers and selectors. Two singles from the release came out earlier this month, Adiel's 'Outer Space' and Manni Dee's 'Heartbreaker', and the compilation has already garnered praise from publications like Clash Magazine.

"Much like the club, the label has an ability to combine with underground artists to create a truly unique sonic output that captivates a global audience. The direction each artist takes is a reflection on the longstanding fabric ethos, combining world-famous producers, with underground prodigies." – Clash Magazine

Featuring Bambounou, Air Max ‘97, DJ Mell G, Manni Dee, Quelza, Tommy Four Seven and many more, fabric SELECTS I promises a cross section of the contemporary sound of the dance music sphere. Each producer marks their own stamp on the compilation, forming a release that is a celebration of the genre-defining talents across the globe and proves that electronic music is thriving in all its forms – perhaps more than ever before.

As we look towards 2023, fabric SELECTS I aims to take the listener on a guided tour of some of electronic music's most exciting talent. The names that will make their mark in the year ahead and beyond.

fabric SELECTS I is out now.

Purchase your copy here and listen via Spotify in the player above.

fabric SELECTS I

Released 25th November 2022 via fabric Originals

  1. Verraco - casi siempre hay mañana
  2. Bambounou - In Depth Beauty Routine
  3. Adiel - Outer Space
  4. Elli Acula - Pleasure
  5. Quelza - Protein Chords
  6. Tommy Four Seven - Disrupt
  7. Manni Dee - Heartbreaker
  8. Air Max '97 - Testrip
  9. DJ MELL G - Nothing But Filth
  10. Deena Abdelwahed - Dirisha
  11. Marcel Fengler - Katana
  12. VRIL - Moon Tax