fabric team up with Saffron to offer Members Industry Insights Workshops

Sessions will cover wellness, running a music label, and club programming and will be free for Saffron Members.

fabric are partnering with Saffron to offer a series of Members Industry Insights Workshops to Saffron Members. The session is a brand new, three-part series of monthly online sessions for women and gender non-conforming people hosted by fabric and Saffron Music. The ongoing partnership sees fabric and Saffron come together in Spring and Summer 2023 to offer an exclusive programme hosted and curated by fabric staff members and residents that discusses prominent industry themes and sectors within electronic music.

The workshops will be available free for Saffron online members and at just £7 for non-members, and will cover several topics from running a label, club programming, event logistics, the experience of being a female DJ and more. Workshop hosts include fabric representatives and staff members from the club programming team, fabric Records team, logistics and booking, with fabric club resident DJ and regular Mantra hosting a session about wellness in the DJ-ing sector.

“A Saffron Membership is not only an investment in your own growth – it helps to support the wider work we do too. If you’re a cis man and would like to show your support, you can become a Saffron ally with a one-off or regular donation. Your financial support can provide a Saffron membership subscription for someone in our community who isn’t able to afford it themselves.” – Saffron

The workshops cover looking after your wellness when working in the nightlife industry as well as protecting UK nightlife and the future of club culture; building financially stable venues & fighting off the threat of club closures. The sessions are free for Saffron Members and just £7 for non-members. Open to women, non-binary, trans & gender non conforming folks worldwide.

Industry Insights Series:
Online Saffron Members workshops curated by fabric 

Introduction to Running a Record Label
With Harriet Bliss & Kate Malcolm (fabric Records)
Wednesday 31st May, 7.30pm

Are you passionate about dance music and interested in the inner workings of the industry? Join us for a unique opportunity to hear from industry professionals at the long-standing club fabric about the challenges and rewards of running a successful record label.

Our guest speakers, Harriet Bliss and Kate Malcolm, will share insights into the day-to-day operations of  fabric’s in-house labels - @houndstoothlbl and fabric Originals - covering topics including artist management, A&R, marketing, and distribution.

In the session we’ll go through:

- A&R processes
- Digesting metadata
- Artist management and communication
- Marketing and PR for a release

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Looking after your wellness in the nightlife industry
With Indi Khera aka Mantra 
Thursday 29th June, 7.30pm

Programming and the future of club culture
With Judy Griffith (fabric Programming Director)
Tuesday 25th July, 7.30pm 


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