fabric Welfare: Be safe this summer - ecstasy warnings and harm reduction advice

It’s a sad but undeniable reality that as soon as summer and the festival season begins there is a marked rise in the number of hospitalisations and even deaths from recreational drug use. Right now there are a number of drug warnings in circulation from harm reduction charity The Loop as well as the Greater Manchester Drug Early Warning System. Super strength ecstasy - in both pill and powder form - is in circulation in the UK. We advise all our customers to avoid taking these substances and always practice harm reduction advice. If you feel unwell when you are visiting us, come and see us. We have a welfare team and medic on site at all time. We offer non-judgement advice and help on site as well as a free water bar all night long. Please take a moment to read our Welfare policy here: Here are some specific pills that The Loop have issued warnings on, this does not mean that other pills are safe though. You should never presume any pill or drug is safe and never mix different types of drugs with each other or with alcohol.

Warning #1

Warning #2

Warning #3

Follow The Loop for up to date drugs warnings:

Greater Manchester Drug Early Warning System alert:

Photo: Anna Wallington
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