'FABRICVERB' is the new reverb project that recreates the sound of EC1 on your digital audio workstation

Created in collaboration with Vegas Audio, FABRICVERB offers 21 different points within the club.

A new project by Vegas Audio has been launched, allowing users to recreate the sound of fabric on your digital audio workspace. Available for Windows and Mac, this new convolution reverb allows you to choose a sonic vantage point in the club - including the booths - so you can “stand” wherever inside the club.

Meticulously captured Impulse Responses gives a feeling as if you were inside the Club, Vegas Audio have recorded sine sweeps through each soundsystem in every room of the club so users can replicate the get the real feel of being at a clubnight.

Vegas Audio was founded by Wilson in 2022 with a view to creating interesting plugins for all types of music professionals.Wilson has over 20 years experience in music production, was a classically trained musician, music scholar and grade 8 guitar player whilst working at “The House of Nanchang” production house from a young age.

Wilson has released many records under various pseudonyms. Recent projects include various techno records under the name “VAM” with releases on 2020 Vision, Viva, Draft and Dorcas together with  “Stolen Hearts & Stolen Cars” by “Jack Walton” which has achieved over 1m streams across various platforms.

Find out more about the project via Vegas Audio here.