Houndstooth: Hinako Omori releases single 'in full bloom' and hints at forthcoming new music

The new track is an an introspective song about taking care of yourself.

Following the release of her highly acclaimed debut album, ‘a journey…’, last year on Houndstooth, Hinako Omori marks the start of a new chapter with a new single today called “in full bloom”.

“in full bloom” is an enchanting track where Hinako’s ethereal vocal melodies weave a shimmering web across organic, kaleidoscopic synth-lines. “Focusing the beams on the allotment / where I tend to my inner garden / may you grow” Omori sings, presenting an introspective song about the need to take care of oneself. “in full bloom is a song of reflection” she comments; “of remembering to love and have compassion towards ourselves.”

Where her 2022 album, 'a journey...', used binaural sounds and focussed on the therapeutic properties of music, her forthcoming work shifts the focus to shining a light on our shadow sides - the act of facing our fears, letting go and finding peace and stillness within ourselves. More infomation coming soon.

“On “in full bloom” I used the piano at Abbey Road - Pitchfork very kindly arranged a session there before the Pitchfork London festival last year (watch here), and we were able to use the day to work on something - I took in a demo that I’d been making at home and we recorded vocals, piano and additional synths. It was such a great opportunity to be able to finish the track there”. – Hinako Omori

About Hinako Omori:

Omori is a composer who thinks deeply about her music and provides generously to her listeners. Born in Yokohama, Japan, she moved to the UK when she was three years old and lives in London. She began her musical path learning classical piano, later training as a sound engineer, and has since moved into working with analogue synths. In addition to releasing her own solo material she has toured with and played on records by a raft of critically acclaimed musicians, including Kae Tempest, Georgia, and EOB, among many others, but it is her work in sound engineering that provides the bedrock of skills that manifest her vision for her solo work, articulating a whole world in binaural field recordings, analogue synthesisers and augmented vocals.