Houndstooth: Hinako Omori announces new album 'stillness, softness...'

New single 'cyanotype memories' is out now along with a music video.

Hinako Omori finally reveals new album stillness, softness… for release on 27th October. A fresh single and music video “cyanotype memories” is out today in celebration, a track “about reconnecting and returning to our inner stillness, and surrendering to the unknown...”. The track is the third single from the new album,

Driven by Hinako’s fascination with cyanotype printing, the single, video and Man-Ray inspired artwork reflect the power of this unique visual process. A stunning new video created in collaboration with Thomas Harrington Rawle & Cathal Mckeon (direction), Thomas Harrington Rawle (edit/vfx/grade) and Cathal Mckeon (dop), Richard Bradetitle (lighting) and design Emi Takahashi (design), brings the track to life.

Stream the single and pre-order the album (clear + black vinyl, CD) here.

Hinako says new single "cyanotype memories” is “about reconnecting and returning to our inner stillness, and surrendering to the unknown. We ultimately don’t have control over how anything external might pan out, but when we trust our inner compass things seem to be revealed to us in the most beautiful and unexpected way.”

She continues, “I was also fascinated by the idea of cyanotype printing. The act of placing an object on paper, and exposing it to UV light - the longer the object is focused under the light, a stronger or more detailed image can form on the paper. I thought there was a similarity in focusing and redirecting our thoughts to create new neural pathways in our brains, with the repetition of these thoughts creating stronger paths.”

The Man Ray-inspired album artwork was created by Emi Takahashi, who cyanotype printed a photo taken by Luca Bailey.

Hinako Omori will play London's ICA on December 2nd, 2023. Tickets are available here.

Hinako Omori – ‘stillness, softness...’

1. both directions ?
2. ember
3. stalactites
4. cyanotype memories - official video
5. in limbo
6. epigraph…
7. foundation – track stream
8. in full bloom – track stream | live piano version
9. a structure
10. astral
11. an ode to your heart
12. epilogue…
13. stillness, softness