Houndstooth: Katie Gately's new album 'Fawn/Brute' explores the innocence and turbulence of childhood

"Balancing between light and darkness, Gately doesn’t shy away from anxious feelings" – The Quietus

Katie Gately's remarkable album 'Fawn / Brute' on Houndstooth presents 11 songs of mischief, innocence and experience, scoping the light and darkness of childhood. The full album is out now on digital, CD and vinyl.

Inspired by the birth of her first daughter, Gately’s second album with us here at Houndstooth is one of two halves; moving from the playfulness of early years to turbulence of teenage angst. A beautiful final product ultimately dedicated to her daughter Quinn.

“When I got pregnant I started to get creative again. I had a lot of energy at first, but later on, my pregnancy was stressful and worrying, so the music got darker and darker: I was making angry music while I was supposed to be feeling maternal..." – Katie Gately

‘Fawn/Brute’ arrives after 2020's acclaimed 'Loom', made in the wake of her mother's death. But ‘Faun/Brute’ is an album of play, embracing mood shifts, embracing the energies of childhood and the thrilling intensity of new life.

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"Balancing between light and darkness, Gately doesn’t shy away from anxious feelings." – The Quietus

Rummaging through Gately’s mazy, beautiful disorder is a beguiling adventure in its own right." – The Guardian

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Stream or purchase 'Fawn/Brute' here.