If You See Something Say Something: We Launch Our Anti-Harassment Campaign with Hollaback

Today is international women’s day; a day where people across the world stop to take note of the pressing issues many women face today. We’ve chosen it as the optimal day to make the wider world aware of the anti-harassment campaign we’re currently undertaking in the club alongside our close associates Hollaback - a movement dedicated to ending street harassment. Taking the form of staring, commenting, shouting, following, touching, grabbing, groping, flashing, assault, and violence, street harassment is essentially sexually motivated harassment that women suffer in public spaces. Sadly over 90% of women around the world have experienced some form of harassment throughout their lives and we’re aware that unfortunately, our club is not exempt from this. When in the club we urge you to report any harassment you witness or suffer yourself to a member of our security team, immediately. They’re all briefed to deal with these situations and to deal with the perpetrators, who could face a lifetime ban from the club. We’ve also created an area on our website to make our policy on harassment clear and to ask for any feedback of your experiences. It’ll help us make our club a safer place for you. We’re here to help.
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