In Ten Tracks – 7 Years of Shall Not Fade

By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed: But thy eternal summer Shall Not Fade…

Little known fact, dynamic Bristol-based label and collective Shall Not Fade’s name is actually drawn from one of William Shakespeare’s best-known sonnets. The line in question, "By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed: But thy eternal summer shall not fade," is suggestive of an eternal, everlasting beauty. A timeless, and never-ending day in the sun - the unfading light of summer. True to form, after 7 years, Shall Not Fade seemingly isn't going anywhere. Founder Kieran Williams’ (aka KGW’s) inspiration from the famous poet is a story in itself – but, from stanzas to slammers, SNF has eventually become synonymous with the boldest house, techno, bass, breaks and beyond over the course of their history.

And it’s been quite a 7 years for the independent imprint. The likes of Ewan McVicar, Harrison BDP, Nicky Soft Touch, Ruf Dug, Tim Reaper, AK SPORTS, Lis Sarroca, Bluetoof, Ell Murphy and more have all released on it over the years, with this October having marked 10 months since SNF opened their first record store in their hometown and hub of Bristol. This summer they also hosted their debut festival, a joyous celebration  of the label’s continuous sound and ethos taking place in a secret Bristol location. Guests such as Bakey, Coco Bryce, Denham Audio, Dwarde, Interplanetary Criminal, LUXE, mixtress, Riz La Teef and heaps more laid down some serious noise, helping to assure SNF's presence as a serious emerging force in the UK scene.

Interplanetary Criminal & Mixtress. Images courtesy of Shall Not Fade.

After their most recent showcase with us back in January, this weekend (4th November 2022) they return. For their upcoming take-over and curation of Room 1, they bring down the creative and progressive house producer Black Loops, DEMUJA - know for his soulful take on deep disco, raw house & electro – French lo-fi maestro Leo Pol, Berlin-based DJ and producer Amy Dabbs, and SNF’s very own KGW. We’re seriously excited for this one – expect electronic prose in both floaty and feisty action. 

Ahead of time, deep-dive into ten tracks hand-selected by the SNF crew, representing the journey the label has taken to get them to this point. From KETTAMA to Kessler, Barry Can’t Swim and Cinthie - this is an A-Z of the acts that have formed, shaped and moulded the sound of SNF to this day, and all the days still to come.

Track 1: Lake Haze – Red Horizon Acid 

"This was one of our first SNF records from Portuguese producer Lake Haze, dreamy acid goodness!"


Track 2: Cinthie – Offenbach Anthem

"Cinthie is an artist I’ve looked up since starting the label and someone who was always on my list of ‘dream artists’ to work with – when we put together this record it felt like a massive milestone for the label, not only was it our 6 release but also working with Cinthie."

 Track 3: Barry Can’t Swim – Lone Raver

"Barry Can’t Swim was an artist who’d been in touch with us for a while attempting to share demos but being missed by myself, when I heard this track I automatically fell in love. This was one of my favourite releases we put out in 2021 and it’s inspiring to see the greatness that he’s gone onto."


Track 4: Kessler – Old Wives Tale 

"This track from Kessler gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it."


Track 5: KETTAMA – Eastside Avenue  

"Absolute banger from KETTAMA, again another artist whose rise to stardom is nothing short of incredible."


Track 6: Rick Wade – Passion Play

"Rick Wade is another artist who was on my list of dream artists to work with when starting the label, this track is one of my favourites of his."


Track 7: Hammer & Dart – Tint (Maruwa Remix)

 "Maruwa is one of my favourite artists right now and it was amazing to get them to remix this track from Hammer & DART’s new EP for the label."


Track 8: Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Midnight Sun

"What better way to celebrate our 80th release than by welcoming Tim Reaper & DWARDE to the label – two of my favourite artists and this track is absolutely beautiful!"


Track 9: Laurence Guy – Untitled Needs

"I think I must have emailed Laurence Guy every other month for about 4 years – sharing our new releases and seeing whether he’d ever be interested in working together. 6 years later I feel so proud to say that Laurence is a staple member of the Shall Not Fade family. Another goosebump moment when reflecting back to starting the label and where I thought the label could go.


Track 10: Felipe Gordon & Cody Currie – Cold Nights

 "Last but certainly lost least is this beautiful collab from Felipe Gordon & Cody Currie, two of the most original sounding artists in the scene right now imo – this track is a groover!" 

Shall Not Fade host Room 1 on Friday 4th November with DEMUJA, Black Loops and more. Ewan Mcvicar Handpicks Room 2 with Hammer and Seren Seo.

Introduction: Izzy Trott
Words: Kieran Williams (Shall Not Fade)

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