Interview: Rossi.

Tonight Rossi. makes his debut All Night Long set, right here in Farringdon. This will be his first time playing solo in London in over nine months, taking control of Room 1 for an all night exploration.

Ahead of time we sat down for a chat with the rising DJ, who first made a name for himself in the London scene playing parties like our own F0RMs events. Rossi. chats how he's preparing for the all-nighter set, what the fabric crowd likes to hear, and how the London scene has inspired his sound to date. He also shares his most memorable all-nighter and gives us a sneak peek into what we can expect from his new label HOMEGROWN. Keep reading for an exclusive insight into the mind of this exciting emerging talent, who takes on a new challenge right here at fabric on 14th April.

You've been a regular at the fabric FORMS parties over the years. How does it feel to be debuting your first all-nighter set at fabric (Room 1) now?

It's a special feeling doing my first all-nighters at the club. It's a place I've built a strong connection over the years as a DJ and raver! So it makes the whole occasion just that much more meaningful. I can't wait!

It's your first-ever all-nighter on Friday. How have you prepared for it versus a standard-length club set?

Preparation has been a lot different. A lot of my standard length sets are pretty impactful with energy from the start! So I'm really loving the idea that I can warm the place up myself to the point where I bring that energy, focusing intentions on each hour that I'm playing. So the preparation has been digging a lot more depth and variety into the records I'm putting in my bags.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect music-wise from your set on Friday? Will you be throwing in any curveballs?

Oh yes...expect a fair few curveballs! It's an opportunity to play the music that people might not always expect to hear from me.

You've spoken before about how you can switch up your sets depending on the venue and crowd - i.e playing in Holland versus the UK. But what do you think a fabric crowd likes to hear? Does anything set the fabric crowd apart?

I think there's something special about fabric and where you can take it. There is something about the lights that allow room for funky electro basslines. There are specific songs that I listen to that...

You've been embedded in the London scene since you first started out. How has the London scene inspired your sound to date?

The London scene, and most notably fabric itself, has had a massive impact on me as an artist. I used to come to watch the likes of Craig Richards and Terry Francis not only smash the peak times but master warm-up sets. Craig, I remember, dropped a disco record called 'Release The Tension - Colonel Abrams' one hour into warming up for Jamie Jones, and the place went wild! It was so daring to try that record, but perfect for the vibe, and it's stuff like that that still inspires the way I play to this day.

What's been the most memorable all-nighter set from another act you've experienced/watched?

I saw Enzo Siragusa play All Night Long at Village Underground, and it was an absolute masterclass. For me, the first three hours of watching him were some of the best music I've heard in a set. The level just kept rising in those first few hours. It was really a showcase of how a DJ should warm up a club. I still talk about that set to this day; it was like being at university!

And your new label HOMEGROWN, what can we expect forthcoming from the new platform?

HOMEGROWN is growing this year. I will be having other artists on the label for the first time throughout the year! Really looking forward to showcasing people's music, as I have liked to do with the podcast. The label is now the next step on that!

Obviously, you're going to be busy all night on Friday in Room 1! But if you could be in another place at the same time in the club - what other act/set on the line-up would you not want to miss?

I think Locklead Live is going to be a special one ;)


Rossi. plays his debut all night long at fabric on Friday 14th April.

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