Introduce Yourself: Guti

Guti When a DJ like Loco Dice tells you to get some sleep, you know you’ve been doing your job right. The megastar mentor of Argentinean-born, Guti has been a fan of his since day one, welcoming him on to the Desolat bandwagon to roll with the likes of Livio & Roby, Tini and Martin Buttrich. Playing dynamic sets of stripped, grooving, techno and house loaded with organic sweet-sounding jazz, Guti puts on one of the most electrifying live shows we’ve seen. With razor-sharp releases on Supplement Facts, Crosstown Rebels and Wolf and Lamb, as well as his hot new artist album, “Patio de Juegos,” out now on Desolat - Guti is living for the moment and reaping the success. As Room One prepares to be dazzled by his live show on June 11th, we caught up with Guti to talk about his Desolat family, some very exciting future collaborations and why Seth Troxler has his named tattooed on his arm. How did you find making a full-length debut artist album on Desolat? Tell us the full story behind it. It was a life changing experience and it changed me as an artist. I guess an album is the end of a chapter and the start of a new one, the story behind it is my life and my changes, moving to Europe and all the things that are happening with my music and new influences. It features collaborations with the likes of Guy Gerber, Ryan Crosson and the Grammy nominated tango artist Daniel Melingo. Tell us about the different ways you share ideas with these artists and what do you enjoy most about this creative process? It is a non-thinking creative moment, full of freedom, to make music with someone else. If you listen to the other ones thoughts and feelings, you can add your ideas - work with the energy of the room and make something special. All those artists listed above are good friends too so it was fun. There are a lot of different sounds on your album, where did all these influences come from? I’ve been involved with music since forever. I’ve been playing piano since I was a kid, every moment of your life is full of new sounds and it’s about these experiences and emotions coming together. I guess there are the different sides of myself.. I am all of that, the melancholic guy and the party guy with all the girls.. Does coming from Argentina give you a different perspective on music? Sure it does, different cultures, a different point of view, and it’s always good to not forget where you are and from where are you coming from. In what ways did Loco Dice help you to get established and what advice of his do you carry with you today? In many things, I would say, he believes in me from his heart, somehow since the start, he wanted to share his experience and is a big part of this present day. His advice is “Sleep Guti!” What’s your relationship like with the rest of your Desolat family? When was the last time you all got together and what memorable stories can you share with us? It is great and is getting bigger and stronger. Of course as we shared more time together, I love them and learn from them all the time. The good thing is everybody is different and amazing at the same time, so it’s easy to carry on with them. I love Livio & Roby and play with them a lot, they are great, Tini & Martin are fun and talented and good friends. Last time we got together was a wedding! It was crazy fun! Do you feel that people who go and see live performances have a special connection to the artist’s work? Has anybody in particular inspired your performance style? I see it as I am a one man band. I do my records and play my music, people come to see an artist they like playing the songs they like, maybe they were listening the songs at home just a couples of minutes before the club, and then is a fight between trying to surprise them but also giving them what they want. It is a big connection and the energy that we create together, ends up in music and different points of view of the same songs every night. I’m really looking forward to playing at fabric, as I got all this fantasies too. I will play from the heart as I always do and try to have a great time. Throughout the years you end up being a bit of everyone who was close to you, I admire different things of different artists. Dice is a big influence, that feeling that he plays amazing in every show makes you want to be a better artist too. Where is your favourite place to let loose and where do you think the scene is going to be really special this year? Everywhere! Music changes and moves all the time. I love to get lost with my friends and the place does not matter. I think the scene is going to be super special this year and the next and the next, whilst you keep loving it. You’re currently on tour- how are you finding life on the road, what places and people inspired you so far? I’m writing back from New York, I spent half of my life on the road, first with the band then doing this. It’s a hard beautiful way of living, you need to plug and unplug the info all the time, and everything is an inspiration. What are five things you cannot live without? Love. Food. Sex. Music. Friends What do you think is essential to making a good track? Are there any particular elements that you feel are especially important…? Every song is a story, the important thing is to have something to say. You have Seth Troxler’s name tattooed on your arm. It’s a crazy story….We’re guessing you’re someone who lives for the moment- would you say this is true and do you ever look to the future? It’s a long story.... Seth is a wild cat and I see myself in him a bit. We love each other and just thought if you get the name of another man on your arm it’s a big thing. Some months after he got my name on his arm! I do both. I live for the moment and I am chasing a future that I don’t know will be. I’m slowly starting to look a bit further. I just want to be happy What are your big and breaking plans for the rest of 2011? Touring the world, play my album out, enjoy it, and then try to write good songs and make more records! I’ve got a collaboration with Cesar on Cadenza with a Luciano remix coming out now plus another solo record for Desolat on the summer. I will keep chasing happiness. Then I have some beautiful collaborations coming out with Davide Squillace, Deniz Kurtel, Gadi Mizrahi, Luca Bacchetti... all different things that make me keep going.
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