Keysound Blog Takeover: 6 YouTube Videos LV Have Watched More Than Once

It’s kind of hard to really get to know LV. Ever since they first released ‘Globetrotting’, their collaboration with vocalist Errol Bellot, they’ve chosen to stay out of the limelight. Even with the copious promotion that went into their debut full length on Keysound, Routes, they’re still relatively mysterious in terms of internet [over] exposure. They’re also a tough act to pin down musically. Their early works waved a reggae infusion as they worked with vocalists like Bellot and Dandelion and then; well then they dropped ‘Boomslang’ on Hyperdub. A superbly infectious slice of lyrical repetition from vocalist Okmalumkoolkat and the trio’s Kwaito house stylings, it moved them further towards the dancefloor - an area they’d later explore fully when working with poet Joshua Idehen on Routes and it’s preceding EP, 38; the one that celebrated a London bus route. There’s always seemingly room to experiment, room within for LV to try something completely different (like their production for Zaki Ibrahim on ‘Explode’) so, in this loosely veiled attempt to grab a little more insight into them as YouTube viewers, we asked them to put together this list of things they like to watch ahead of their set in Room Three at the Keysound takeover this Friday. Wes Montgomery in Holland Introduced us to an amazing drummer called Han Bennink. Sun Ra - Elephants on Parade This is obviously genius; he was a master of arrangement and swing. The animation is also very spooky. Seb Rochford on drumming More amazing drumming, this time from Seb Rochford. Tigran Hamasyan – Rain Shadow We were lucky enough to record with Tigran recently. He is a great pianist and a lovely guy. Seal Sounds from Encounters at the End of the World From an amazing film by Werner Herzog, this feels like other-worldly music but it is more natural and terrestrial than the sound from even the most basic human instrument. SBX! Holding Down The Tradition 30 minutes of great music and rhymes. Catch LV in Room Three on Friday.
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