Hagan, Shed, Gombeen & Doygen and Bored Lord remix Leon Vynehall's 'Sugar Slip (The Lick)'

Listen to four fresh remixes – out now – of Leon Vynehall's 'Sugar Slip (The Lick)', taken from his 2022 fabric presents mix.

Hagan, Shed, Gombeen & Doygen and Bored Lord have remixed Leon Vynehall's track 'Sugar Slip (The Lick)', the lead single from his critically acclaimed 2022 fabric presents compilation and mix. The new five-track EP, out now via fabric Records, features the four reworks which take turns to twist and bend the original tune in new, surprising and imaginative ways. The EP also includes the original track produced by Vynehall.

South London based artist Hagan kicks off the EP with a redesign of the original that perfectly showcases his sonic skill and roots in UK Funky, afro-house, afro-bass, and a tight-knit percussive impulse. Shed is second up to twist the track with an unapologetic 4-4 roller, taking Vynehall's original to the throws of the techno dancefloor, followed suit by Memphis-born multi-disciplinary artist Daria Lourd aka Bored Lord. The T4T LUV NRG signed artist creates a bassy version, wiggling and jumping across the bars and taking the track to a whole other level. The EP rounds off with Gombeen & Doygen, who demonstrate their signature downtempo impulse with their breaksy take on Sugar Slip.

Sugar Slip (The Lick) Remixes is out now. Listen / order here.

Sugar Slip (The Lick) Remixes: Tracklist

  1. Sugar Slip (The Lick) Hagan Remix
  2. Sugar Slip (The Lick) Sheds SugarDUB
  3. Sugar Slip (The Lick) Bored Lord Remix
  4. Sugar Slip (The Lick) Gombeen & Doygen Remix
  5. Sugar Slip (The Lick)

Photography: Thanks to END. Clothing for permission.