Now & Then – ANII

Afterlife regular ANII has made a splash on the famous label – most recently with her track ‘Isolate’ out now to critical acclaim – that, along with a string of numerous releases on other core platforms and distributors such as Kompakt, Embassy One, Still Vor Talent, Anjunadeep and more, has worked to establish her as a true specialist in all things techno and soulful deep house alike with a consistent and quality output.  

Encouraged by enthusiastic support from Michael Mayer – ”ANII's an energetic and prolific artist. She puts everything into her music and there's no way she can be stopped” – ANII founded her own label ANIITIME in 2019 in London, which has since seen numerous releases of her own impactful productions. 

Of course, we’re enthusiastic supporters of her work here in EC1 too – ANII has played for us on numerous occasions, including alongside Kölsch and Magit Cacoon back in November 2021, on New Years Eve with Adriatique, and as part of our event programme earlier in 2022 at Village Underground with Innellea. We thought it was about time we invited her down for our Now & Then series ahead of her upcoming gig at the club on 6th August, when she’ll return to close the night alongside Agoria and Bawrut.

Keep reading for three tracks from ANII; one past, one present, and one future, reflecting her experiences and influences in the sonic-electronicia.

ANII plays fabric on 6th August with Agoria, Bawrut and Pattn (All Night Long). Tickets below and here.


The Past

Mouse on Mars – Froschroom

My sound history is pretty wild as I started pretty early and I'm not that long [into my career] anymore, and my sound at the beginning was pretty CRAZZY I need to say… But I think a real eye opener was something super experimental – Mouse on Mars.

I can’t be specific [as to] when exactly I heard it, I think it was in 1999, but the track was from 1994. It’s a track called Froschroom. The boys were for me a revolution of sound and I still remember the cassette that my friend gave me of them that opened my eyes to electronic music.


Soel – Path Tracker

If you ask me about a current track – beside my own out now on Afterlife called “Isolate” [nod nod wink...] – I would have to say my new addiction is Soel’s Path Tracker. It's not a standard beat I'm used to, and I looove it. Amazing drum work to be honest! It gives my sets a change of the beat and rhythm. Soel is a great find to me and all his releases at the moment [have] been making my sets.

The Future

Øostil & Juan Hansen - Drown (Massano Remix)

If you ask me about an upcoming artist I have to give it to Massano. Sam has become to me like my little brother and I'm so so proud of him and what he accomplished in such a short period of time. He is really coming up strong.

His remix of Drown that was released on Afterlife this year definitely made amazing changes into his career, and I think Sam will do wonderful things in the future.

ANII plays fabric on 6th August with Agoria, Bawrut and Pattn (All Night Long). Tickets below and here.