Now & Then - Eagles & Butterflies

We fly through the past, present and future with Running Back artist Eagles & Butterflies as he shares the 3 tracks that have been pivotal to his journey.

Chris Barrat — aka – Eagles & Butterflies finds the joy in, in his own words, making “pop music for the dancefloor”. Emerging onto scene, he was fast dubbed Mixmag’s ‘Breakthrough Act of the Year’, and and since spread his wings as a curator of various projects, including formulating his own label Art Imitating Life and spawning numerous releases on other established labels such as Innervisions, Life & Death, and Correspondant Records. Formal releases alongside huge remixes for the likes of RY X, Bob Moses, Underworld, and Ludovico Einaudi, work to represent the full spectrum of Eagles & Butterflies' kaleidoscopic musical mind. Motivated by the desire to translate the magic of the studio to the club or festival stage, Barratt’s productions have also found a welcome audience festivals across the globe, from Junction 2 to Secret Garden Party, to right here at fabric.

The Running Back artist is primed to bring his staple blend of hypotonic and melodic sonics back to our booth soon alongside the likes of Woo York, Glowal and Echomomist. Ahead of his swooping reunion with our booth, we asked Eagles & Butterflies for the three tracks, one from the past that he always floats back to, another from the present from a producer he's currently admiring the work and output of, and something from the future, from an artist he's predicting big things are in store for.

The Past: DJ Mehdi - Signature (Thomas Bangalter Remix)

The French sound and the whole Ed Banger movement had such a big impact on my early years of both making music and being involved in the scene. I was a huge fanboy of everything the label did and of Daft Punk. I was actually A&R for one of the Radio 1 dance DJs at this time and remember receiving the promo through of this at the office and it blew my mind, and it still does to this day. Incredible production and remix. I still wonder what equipment they used during the making of it and that got me started on my analog synth journey!

The Present : Hagop - Right To Riot

Love this track and his sound, I was looking for new music when I did a mix for Bicep last month and he sent me this demo and loved it straight away and finished the mix with it. It's out now on Four Tet's label and its pure madness!

The Future: Altrice - Place Faces

Signed to Caribou / Daphni's label, This whole EP is amazing. I love the production on them, they feel so raw yet so emotive. Places Faces is my fav…I think both him and Hagop have a very bright Future!