Now & Then – Eich

Rising UK artist Eich is carving a solid path in London's electronic music world. We linked up with the label founder and radio host for the scoop on three tracks inspiring her sound.

Talented London-based artist Eich is on the rise, and it's easy to see why. Reflecting on her recent movements – a stream for HÖR Berlin, stand-out sets this summer at GALA Festival and Love Saves The Day, and debuts at underground venues such as Manchester's infamous The White Hotel for local party Left Right & Centre, continue to ground her as an artist to be reckoned with.

But Eich's core input in the scene comes perhaps from her own founded project More Cowbell, a UK techno label and community who's name came from a running joke within the scene – "you'd hear people saying it at raves a lot whenever tracks had that 808 cowbell sample in them. It seemed very fitting to our sound!" she explains. More Cowbell has seen the likes of Tasha, Stenny, Metrist, Hodge, Giulia Tess and plenty more perform at their parties and live streams since the platform’s relatively recent formation in 2019.

Eich also heads up the Rinse FM More Cowbell show, as a fresh addition to the radio’s roster this year. Her own sound leans into inspiration from the bassy, techno and post-dubstep fusions like those notably coming out of Bristol – expect an Eich set to tap into hard hitting-selections, percussive drum hits, and dotting between bass and techno alike.

Ahead of her set on 15th July we asked Eich for 3 tracks, one from her past, one current tune that's on her radar, and another from the future, from an artist predicted to blow up.

The Past

Pearson Sound - Blanked

"The past for me absolutely has to be a Pearson Sound track, someone who has shaped my sound from my early days of discovering dance music. I was always absolutely fascinated with the way he creates this really specific mood in his tracks that I've never heard any other producer be able to replicate. He has such a minimalistic approach to his production, but every element blends perfectly together."

The Present

Cassius Select - Honda Civic

"Cassius Select is one of my favourite producers right now, and I think he perfectly represents the now. He doesn't fit into any box, fusing hip-hop samples with grime stabs and a lot of sporadic and swung out drum patterns. Taking inspiration from lots of different pockets of sound is definitely something we've seen a lot of in the past few years, with people becoming less bothered about formulas in dance music. Cassius Select executes this perfectly."  

The Future

Rhyval - Footcell

"I think this EP is one of my favourite EP's of the past five years, This one came out on Manchester label Off Beat, I think the producer Rhyval is only going to go on to have huge influence with his production. As you can probably tell, I love a big breakdown with loads of pads and a vocal hook 😅..."

Eich plays in Room 1 on 15th July alongside Chloé Robinson, Interplanetary Criminal, DJ Assault, Holloway, INSTINCT & more. Tickets below and here.