Now & Then - Ivy Lab

For the next edition of Now & Then we turn to Ivy Lab, the North London outfit and founders of collective and label 20/20 (Twenty Twenty). We asked Stray and Sabre, known for their experimentations on the fringes of UK bass music, to select 3 tracks for us – one tune that has influenced their own musical output, a track that is currently making the crowds move at their gigs, and something from a rising artist you might not have heard of, that’s currently on their radar.

Ivy Lab bring 20/20 (Twenty Twenty Global) to Room 1 on 25th March with JAEL, Stooki Sound, Ila Brugal & more. 

The Past.

Clams Casino - I'm God
The early Clams joints were arrestingly emotive in a way hip hop instrumentals hadn't sounded before. It was the dawn of the 'make you shed a tear-type-beat', something which transformed how we would go on to approach an entire genre.

The Present.

Daniela Andrade - Puddles
Really unusual track in so many ways. It hits played loud, its BPM is quirky for the genre, and speaking of genre what even is this ? She's kinda rapping but her provenance is essentially as a folksy singer/song-writer. The whole thing is so demure and classy.

The Future.

OAKK - Butter & Gold
Oakk has really come into his own in the last year. His music is sultry and restrained.... Feminine yet muscular. It's one part Timbaland, one part Jai Paul - built with enviable minimalism and glorious warmth.

Tickets below for JAEL, Ivy Lab, Kahn & Neek, Stooki Sound, White Peach & more.