Now & Then - Sama’ Abdulhadi

We ask our favourite artists to look into the past, present and future of their personal electronic music landscapes, in just 3 tracks.

Previously dubbed as “queen of the Palestinian techno scene”, Sama' Abdulhadi’s relationship with electronic music is deep-rooted, inherently determined, and perhaps unavoidably political.

Despite a reluctance for geopolitics and her career to be seen as so inherently interwoven – “I just want be be a DJ” (DJ Mag, 2021) – Sama' is still trying to use her position to bridge the gap, and connect the world with her music and the sound of fellow Palestinian artists. Her recent ‘Bring Back Beirut' initiative is another way she is using her authority for awareness and relief efforts.She’s also just a real talent behind the decks.

For her entry into Now & Then, Sama’ fills us in on 3 tracks from fellow artists she admires and who are influencing her sets right now; Palestinian techno producer SINAN, rising Syrian artist Karim El Khayyat, and Stephan Bodzin of Germany’s scene.

The Past

Stephan Bodzin - Liebe Ist

I can say that the full Bodzin catalogue has always inspired me, every track he has ever released more or less. This man is legendary in the way he uses his synths and sounds. My dream is one day I will reach that level in production and performance.

The Present

Rabbit Hole - SINAN

I'm loving this track, you can basically play it at the beginning or middle of your set or even at the end to bring things back up. It's so groovy and the bass is a definite hit.

The Future

Karim El Khayyat - The Last Trip

This guy has been producing every track better than the one before it. He has a very special sound and I'm sure he will go somewhere huge. Incredible track, incredible man.

Sama’ plays alongside Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Live), Nathan Fake (Live), Elli Acula & more on Saturday 21st May.