Playlist: On The Move – GiGi FM

The life of a DJ is rarely one of stillness. Constantly on the move, travelling across the globe to and from gigs, record bags in hand. But what do our best-loved DJs listen to when they’re not picking their set selections?

Buoyant and energetic, GiGi FM’s style in the booth is something akin to kinetic bliss. As an artist - and trained dancer – she understands how movement and music are inherently connected, and this awareness is translated through the shape-shifting sonics and reactive movements GiGi FM constructs through her DJ sets and club-ready performances. 

So it feels pretty apt that we’re heading into sonic motion with GiGi FM ahead of her return this weekend for our next 24+ hour rave instalment. As our next On The Move playlist curator, GiGi FM has handpicked us ten tracks. These are the tunes she sticks on when she’s in transit - in literal motion to and from gigs, festivals and clubs across the globe. Her selections cover a classic release from 1979, first introduced to her by her father, a cloudy and dreamy track from the wonderful Mykki Blanco, a staple tune to cruz to, taken from D’Angelo’s iconic album Brown Sugar, and of course plenty more. 

GiGi FM plays Continuum 24+ Hours x Blueprint on 5th-6th November with James Ruskin, Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Len Faki, Nene H, Key Clef, Martrixxman, Ben Sims and heaps more.

“When I travel, I always feel that each trip has its special feels and impulses. There is the obvious of course, on the plane or train I try to sleep & rest if I haven’t been able to, organise my music for the upcoming gigs or just geek on Ableton [especially on trains, it’s so inspiring]; I love reading and writing, and to be honest I try more and more not to listen to music to rest my ears in between shows. 

I love to pre dive into somewhere I am going to via music. Making sure I get there and my energies are right and ready to experience it all. I feel like it's a nice conditioning of self. Everywhere, the soundscape, the smells, the paysage are proper to itself. I love to go bumble about and soak up the energies around. I went to Japan this summer, and the natural soundscape was so mesmerising, I got absolutely obsessed with the Cicadas sound, and didn’t feel like walking around Tokyo listening to my own music and preferred listening to the cityscape. 

This playlist is a collection of all my travelling modes; when you are going from home to a gig, the in between places, the sleepless travels or the coming home ones. All range of emotional states ~ I hope you enjoy it ~”


1. Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp – Interscape 

I love this track, such a journey. Pure 90s washed out goodness. Beautiful ambient intro, grabs you like a swoosh to slowly rocks you above clouds.” 

2. Command D – Breathe

This one always does it for me. ~ emotional floater, smoky waves of time ~

3. Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2036110 

Aleksi Perälä, colundi sequence wizard, took me a minute to find this one [geeky name tagging]. I adore Aleksi Perälä's musical approach and it fascinates me. He is super prolific and has his own sound. I invite you to read about the colundi sequence if you are into cosmic tuning methods, its mysteries and beauties. This track is just gorgeous, always pinches my heart a lil.

4. Rod Modell – Jade [TRESOR.312]

“Air-washed Don Modell techno ~ its dubby time. This is one just sets the mood right, you get swallowed into it and loose traces of pace. Wanted to put Donato Dozzy K7 but that is not on Spotify ~ blasphemy.”

5. Ground Tactics – Timesplit 

I love this track, named well and pure airy relaxation. If you don’t know Ground Tactics, get to know, he is another frequency wizard. Sound healing master, Ground Tactics offers sound baths in Berlin, using tuning forks, bells and gongs, which he also uses to make his music. There were more recent tracks he released which are so beautiful between ambient, enlightenment liquid jungle and deconstructed techno, unfortunately not on Spotify but luckily on Bandcamp, so go check it !

6. Yves Simon – Raconte-toi

1975 French classic ~ my dad showed me this song, defo for my emotional moments. Yves Simon is an amazing lyricist and these just get under my skin ~ merci papa.”  

7. Global bahamadia global 

OK vibe switch, shake it off & get into bossy Bahamadia ~ pure flexing sass in action. Need i say more ?”

8. Mykki Blanco – Pink Diamond Bezel (Official Visualiser) 

“Mykki Blanco is just an amazing artist, poet, performer, activist. His lyrics are just full of important messages told with sass yet elegance. He is always pushing rap to me. This song is like a cloudy lemonade, anywhere, anytime.

9. D'Angelo – Cruisin' 

You’re welcome.” 

10. Kelela – Washed Away

Windflower, silk crystal, Kelela is pure bliss. <3”

Photography: Yamur Can