Recorded Live from fabric 004 – Josh Caffé

The fabric resident's latest EC1 set pumps steadily throughout, with warping beats that will gear you up to lose control in the throws of the dancefloor all over again.

Club resident Josh Caffé is front-and-centre for the next edition of Recorded Live from fabric. Get warm with 1.5 hours taken from Josh’s steamy DJ set from the SPORTS BANGER MEGA RAVE on 26th August 2021, ahead of his return for our annual 30-hour Birthday marathon across 15th-17th October

Deeply embedded in London’s underground house and techno world, Josh exists not just as a DJ. With a versatile skill palette, Josh is also a producer and vocalist and the formidable frontman of infamous house and techno duo Paranoid London (made up of Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley). Josh’s sound roams from deeply versatile DJ sets, to live vocal performances that are driving and entrancing in equal measure – a perfect fit for the sleazy, throwback era, acid house, and old school Chicago house Paranoid London produce so well.

As fabric resident Josh has stunned and enthralled us on numerous occasions both at the club and elsewhere. In March we took Josh’s live project along with a troupe of Vogue Dancers to the English National Opera, a set proving he could captivate any venue you put in front of him. Plus stand out sets like his live show at last year's Birthday have solidified him as more than a regular fabric player - fabric family. His latest recorded set at the club builds and pumps steadily throughout, with warping beats that will gear you up to lose control in the throws of the EC1 dancefloor all over again.

But his creative endeavours don’t stop there. Josh is also one of the masterminds behind beloved London dance music brand and queer party Love Child. Love Child is a collective with a clear-cut aim and has established itself as one of the capital’s best-loved names for seriously good music, and equally good parties. For our 30-hour Birthday, Josh has enlisted Love Child for a Room takeover. Expect a very special showcase from this tight-knit and boundary pushing collective. More details on Room splits, and further special guests for the weekend’s proceedings are set to be revealed in the coming weeks. So, we highly suggest you keep your eyes locked on the fabric channels for updates. 

Josh Caffé plays the fabric 23rd Birthday on 15th-17th October alongside Dax J, Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Tennis, AFRODEUTSCHE, VTSS, JASSS, and plenty more. Tickets below and here.