Scintii announces new EP ‘wetlands, harbours… and stations in between’ on Houndstooth

The first single from the EP ‘teltoya ii’ is out now to mark the announcement of the EP, which is set for a full digital release on 5th January 2024.

After releasing ‘Times New Roman’ with Houndstooth in 2020, Taipei-based singer and producer Scintii returns to the alternative and experimental imprint Houndstooth, with plans for a new four-track EP project titled wetlands, harbours… and stations in between.

‘Times New Roman’ on Houndstooth was the first release since Scintii’s second EP, Aerial/Paperbags, on SVBKVLT in 2018. Today the artist announces her next project on the imprint, her third EP, and the all-encompassing new sonic project, wetlands, harbours… and stations in between. The first single from the EP ‘teltoya ii’ is out today to mark the announcement, which is set for a digital release on 5th January 2024.

wetlands, harbours… and stations in between is a gorgeous sonic offering from the artist whose instantly recognisable vocals and sound takes inspiration from two cities she has previously called home, London and Shanghai, whilst at the same time sitting independent of those places and rooted in neither. The tracks take us through Scintii’s wistful yet impactful vocals, and ear for production that disregards any traditional genre forms, opening our minds to a new captivating blend of synth-driven electronica, and moody, atmospheric beats. Songwriting comes first in the music-making process for Scintii; by responding to music and ideas in an instructive way, she starts with an organic and original form and elaborates on it.

Today’s single came initially from a dream Scintii had that immediately stuck her with the desire to create sound, specifically the drum-like sound that takes center stage within ‘teltoya ii’. ‘teltoya ii’ is the final track on wetlands, harbours… and stations in between. Matching the nature of the EP’s overarching and deliberate disregard for narrative structure, it perhaps offers up more beautiful questions than it answers, leaving us with the boundless and exciting potential for future exploration and endless interpretation.

‘teltoya ii’, which is out today on streaming platforms and digitally, “came slowly after a weird dream,” for Scintii. “The dream was mainly filled with the uneasy feeling of being surprised and cornered by someone I lost contact with for years. Somehow after waking up I kept listening to an old mando pop rock track and felt the individuals we have become, as well as my island home in the distance, all looking into each other, rotating slowly. I wanted the drums to sound like earth plates moving and crushing…”

‘teltoya ii’ is also the second iteration of a track that Scintii initially wrote ten years ago. “This track reminded me of it,” she explains, “After naming ‘teltoya’ I found out there is a real island named Teltoya… songs really are like spells.”

Stream 'teltoya ii' and pre-order the digital EP.

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