Giuseppe Cennamo WYS! Promo Mix

Guiseppe Cennamo is an Italian DJ and producer based in Naples. For the majority of his career his sound has been floor-driven four four, a clean style of techno that locals Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati helped popularise. A favourite among Europe’s top techno DJs, his work has landed on labels like Desolat, SCI+TEC and 8Bit, as well as his own imprints, Carillon and Hangover. While most fans will know him for straight four four, recently his music has been built on groove – the same style he champions in his DJ sets. It’s what you’ll typically hear at his Napoli party Rawbar, and how he’s played in his mix ahead of their WYS! showcase this Sunday.

Download: Giuseppe Cennamo WYS! Promo Mix


Sunday 29th April

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