Listen to Rhadoo live from Room One at our 19th Birthday

It’s always a special thing when we get the chance to relive moments from the disco, and more so when they conjure up memories of our annual birthday marathon. Like every one of our previous birthdays, for our 19th anniversary we were joined by a cast of guests that truly excel in pushing the boundaries of electronic music, artists that have had a hand in shaping our own musical identity.

One of this year’s highlights was Rhadoo. Stepping up off the back of a typically fluent back-to-back from Craig Richards and Ricardo Villalobos, the [a:rpia:r] figurehead carried us through to Sunday evening with the type of heady selections and technical wizardry we’ve come to love him for.

To mark both his return to Farringdon as part of RPR Soundsystem and Club Guesthouse’s 8th birthday this weekend, we reached out to Rhadoo and the Bucharest institution to share an excerpt of the set for the launch of their new podcast series. The 90-minute recording is available to listen to below – robotic minimal mode on.

Stream: GH001 :::: Rhadoo (recorded live at fabric's 19th Birthday)

Photo: Enrico Policardo

Saturday 8th December

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