Tasha Expresses Her Deep Connection To Techno

Connecting with drum n bass in her mid-teens - Tasha has had her head in music for much of her existence. It's been quite a dynamic path for the London based DJ. She started out her career gaining ground in the d'n'b world being championed by Metalheadz affiliate Storm and landed a regular spot in Rinse FM before being turned onto the techno sound she most closely identifies with today.

There's actually a fair few strings to her bow - active as a promoter for over 10 years, Tasha current party Neighbourhood recently moved from Dance Tunnel to Pickle Factory where she hosts intimate gatherings of music heads and line ups made up of artist that she quite simply holds personal admiration for. There's also a label of the same name that's a platform for producers that lie in this sphere of appraisal with both Randomer and Kamikaze Space Programme contributing cuts to the releases so far.

She's pretty on point when she controls the decks herself, too. Any listen to her current Radar Radio shows tell of an avid collector with knowledge that reaches back into the roots as much as she looks forward into current emerging sonics. Ultimately though, her mixing style in the club tells of someone with a level of poise and flow that is hard to come by. The promo mix she's recorded ahead of her debut in Room One on 24th February where she's set to play as part of Rødhåd's takeover of the club, demonstrates this perfectly.

Download: Tasha - fabric x Rødhåd Curates Promo Mix


FJAAK ft Rødhåd - Offline - Monkeytown
Forest Drive West - RGIK
Ben Sims
Detmann & Klock - No One Around - Ostgut Ton
Henning Baer - DNA - Nonplus
Seelow - KKid - Ilian Tape
Cleric - Turbine - Figure
Setaoc Mass - Sket - SK Eleven
Ben Sims
Drexciya - Bang Bang - Underground Resistance
Stenny - P-Zone - Ilian Tape
Randomer - Smokin' - LIES
Metrist - Eliot Mi Fe - Neighbourhood
Cadans - Dominion - Clone
Physical Therapy - This Techno Tool Track Kills Fascists - Physically Sick
Eduardo De Calle - RDAS - Non Series
DVS1 - Decreasing - Hush
Oscar Mulero - In Full Circle - Pole Group
Sigha - Black Massing - Token
Pris - Reef (Stenny Remix) - Resin
Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness (Function Remix) - Thema

Photo: Hana Makovcova

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