Tunnidge - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix

With all due respect, you kinda know what you’re going to get from Tunnidge. That’s not an underhanded swipe or a concealed barb, it’s the truth. Throughout the malaise of offshoots, developments and reincarnations dubstep has undergone since the early days there’s been a crew of connected DJs and producers who are committed to keeping that same tone and sense of claustrophobic dread alive in the music they make. Even now, when you hear a gorgeously executed dubstep tune roll with the subs humping away underneath the drums and you start to zone out concentrating your mind on the reverb tail of the snare drum or how it layers when it’s in the mix, there’s nothing like it. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can have that epiphany.

Tunnidge has been involved in that heavy halfstep sound for a long time first releasing on Mala’s Deep Medi label (for whom he draws the artist portraits that adorn their record onbodys) back in 2008. Since then he’s found favour with a fellow soundsmith in Distance, and his Chestplate label. We wrote a similar introduction to this when we presented Distance’s mixtape that celebrated their debut Room Three takeover but it really does feel like the most present and constant thread in what the label and Tunnidge do. No matter how they mix it, how they present it or how many times they do it, people like Tunnidge and Distance make dubstep music that sounds as impressive and as physical as it did when you heard it on the old Plastic People system for the first time.

Don’t worry if you missed that coiled dubstep pressure the first time, ahead of his appearance in the Chestplate Room Three takeover on Friday 29th June, Tunnidge has put together this mix full of neatly executed half step bass weight that'll make everything that we just wrote make complete contextual sense.

Download: Tunnidge – FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix


Tunnidge - 7breaths
Distance – Radical
District – Haymaker
Razor Recta – Lokomotive
Cyrus - Looking Back
Sleeper – Zombies
Distance – Troubles
District & Sleeper – War
Tunnidge - Empty Spaces
Distance & Cyrus – Titan
Distance - Victim Support (Sleeper & District Remix)
Cyrus & Distance – Rude
Distance - Result Of Sound
Tunnidge & Distance – Blame
Tunnidge - Brixton Bass
Pinch - Swish (Distance Remix)
Tunnidge – Shudder

Catch Tunnidge performing alongside Distance, Cyrus, Sleeper & District and Razor Rekta at the Chestplate Room Three a week on Friday.

Friday 29th June

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