Five Track Chaser

Tectonic boss Pinch commands a lot of respect, both for the list of his credentials (running one of dubstep’s leading labels and helping to bring the then underground sound of London to Bristol) and the music he makes himself. One thing that’s omnipresent through whatever he chooses to release though, is a deep feeling of tension that’s powered by the over amped low end frequencies. And that sense of dread is something that he’s drawn upon consistently throughout his discography, so it comes as little surprise to learn that he’s always had a passion for jungle.

After enticing Pinch to go head to head with another aficionado of early breakbeat culture, Peverelist, in Room Three on Friday 21st June for a jungle special, we asked them both to pick five of their favourite cuts so we could getter a better idea of what to brace ourselves for. We published Pev’s choices a week or so back, which you can browse Pev’s here, but Pinch reaches deep with selections from the gloriously monikered Johnny Jungle and the original soundsystem shaker, Dillinja...

Johnny Jungle - Jungle (Bad Influence Mix):

Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs:

DJ Die – Reincarnations:

Doc Scott // Shadow Boxing:

J Majik - Your Sound Remix:

Catch Pinch going back to back with Peverelist for an exclusive celebration of jungle in Room Three on Friday 21st June. They'll also both be appearing in the Tectonic hosted Room One playing the types of records you'd more associate with their regular sets.

Friday 21st June

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