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Matteo Manzini shares his latest tips

Think you know your way around London’s party scene? Try talking to Matteo Manzini. The Bologna-born artist has been a key figure on the capital’s underground circuit for more than a decade, renowned locally for putting on killer low-key parties that often stretch for days on end. He first broke onto the scene as a co-founder of the much-loved Sunday night session Damaged, but over the years he’s become just as lauded for his skills as a selector: jam-packed with obscure minimalist house, techno and electro, Manzini’s record bag is one of the classiest collections you’re likely to hear in London today. We know this well from catching him at intimate spots like The Lion & Lamb, as well as his semi-regular sets with us on home turf. With the launch of his want? label he’s also turned his hand to production, and if you’ve been to see Rhadoo or Jane Fitz recently, there’s a decent chance you danced to one of Manzini’s low-slung techno cuts at some point. He tells us about his latest studio efforts and more in our latest In the Bag feature, dropping ahead of his Farringdon appearance with the Others Crew in Room One on Sunday night.

Siavash Amini – Semblance [Room40]

Currently my favourite pick to open a set if I’m playing first and have a long warm-up slot ahead.

Sohrab – Tweaker [Marginal Returns]

I’ve always thought that Sohrab’s brain works at double speed compared to the rest of the planet, and this extremely good debut EP on Marginal Returns proves that.

Fabrizio Maurizi & Matteo Manzini – Cable [Memoria]

I still remember how spontaneously this track happened in the studio with Fabrizio, both the idea and the arrangement: it turned out exactly as we wanted, and there was almost no need to talk to each other while working.

Varhat – Distract [YYK no label]

My classic go-to track when I’m in trouble with the dancefloor, it always works. I missed it when it originally came out on record, but the 2019 digital release has meant I’ve had a chance to discover it.

Luca Piermattei – Goosebumps [Polarity]

I have no specific memories connected to this track, but for some reason its melody takes me back to all of my best dancefloor moments in one go. I don’t know how to put this feeling into words.

M GUN – Snap In [Futurepast]

It’s an unusual track that doesn’t sound unusual at all, yet again I don’t know how to put it in words. I’ve liked every Futurepast release so far, big thanks to label boss Davy.

F.U.S.E. – Mantrax [Plus8]

My 20s in full power: big dancefloors and huge pads. Many thanks to Richie Hawtin for bringing it back with this 2019 reissue.

Sunday 29th September

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