33:45 – Peach: "I played this on NTS and everyone was like ‘what is this?!'"

Peach invites us to explore her expansive home record collection, and follows up with a journey to Hackney Wick diggers-haven, Vinyl Pimp for the next episode of our 33:45 series.

Canadian DJ and producer Peach has become a beloved staple and front-runner here in London scene – the city she now calls home – as well as recognised globally. Her signature sound, derived from bouncing house, stripped-back percussion, blends of techno, and heated rollers, has rightfully positioned her as one of the most in-demand DJs within the underground music realm. 

It’s that tantalising middle ground that exists between house and techno that teases something for Peach - a terrain she explores dynamically in sets. Peach’s musical foundations were laid at an early age – as she fondly reminisces on in the episode – and she continues to push it forward, having become a burgeoning selector and a firm favourite of DJs, clubgoers, and festival punters alike. She’s just as confident playing intimate, underground club spaces like Corsica Studios or our own Room 3 (remember last year’s surprise Birthday set?!) as she is straddling the vibes of Panorama Bar, or getting the masses dancing whatever-the-weather at staple UK festivals like Houghton, Waterworks, or Glastonbury. It seems no matter the venue, Peach can confidently be relied on to provide a pin-point perfect energy, and perfectly-placed pumpers.

But let’s rewind a bit. Her prowess behind the decks can perhaps be traced back to her earliest influences and the creative forces and friends that she surrounds herself with. It was Peach’s childhood that first informed her taste - from her parents interest in punk, new wave and pop music to the sounds that accompanied the late nineties and early noughties skateboarding scene and the skate videos she watched on repeat in her early teens. As she began to explore nightlife, interestingly, it was a rave where Calvin Harris and Laidback Luke were playing that solidified dance music as both a passion for Peach.

Today, surrounding herself with creative influences is vital to keep the inspiration and curiosity flowing; from close friend Shanti Celeste, to the inspiring duo of Octo Octa and Eris Drew, and even Midland, whom she shares a line-up with here at fabric on 7th October, it’s her fellow figures, as well as physical records, that that keep pushing Peach forward.

Peach gives voice to how different venues inform her selections. Displaying her love of small clubs, but also her reverence of larger festival settings and a deep understanding that you sometimes need to put on a different act when playing each space, she takes us through the records that you may have recognised her playing at each; “Me in a small club, isn’t me on a festival stage, and I want that to be a different thing sometimes.”

Our journey with Peach also takes us to Vinyl Pimp in Hackney Wick, an appointment-only vinyl store and one of her preferred digging spots in London. Located in Oslo House, adjacent to Hackney Wick's overground station, this store is a haven for vinyl enthusiasts, housing approximately 25,000 records. This appointment-only-vinyl store in Hackney Wick, was a perfect location to round off our exploration into Peach’s diverse and colourful musical taste.

From the first ever record she bought (Jody "Fingers" Finch – ‘Jack Your Big Booty’; Let's Pet Puppies), the formative influence of Derrick Carter, a deep love for DJ Sprinkles, and the records she would save in a fire, Peach details some favourites from her collection - but her expansive knowledge and obvious passion suggest to us that we’re merely only scratching the surface. 

Beyond her DJ prowess, Peach extends her creative reach as a producer and maintains a regular presence on NTS radio. She has also ventured into founding the Psychic Readings imprint, showcasing her diverse musical taste. “I played this on NTS and everyone was like ‘what isss this?’...” laughs Peach. She’s talking about Random Method’s ‘Phunkton’ released on Slide Recordings (2001) - just one of the many grooves that prick our eye during the new episode. 

Peach plays Midland & Friends at fabric on Saturday 7th October.


With thanks to Vinyl Pimp and Time Storm Productions.

Direction and Production: Billy Allen
Words: Izzy Trott