A Seamless Story: Keith Reilly Introduces Marino Canal

Over the last few months there have been a range of forums where our founder Keith Reilly has been asked to speak about the club. From the ICA guided tour of London’s history of subculture and, more recently, at LEAF, the question of what values are key to his vision for fabric are always prominent. His answers always hang on a very simple premise; it’s all about providing a space to invite individuals around the world who had something interesting to say with their music. It’s a premise that still rings true with many an artist venturing to Farringdon as their first London outing simply because, at the core of what they do, they have something special in their sound. This weekend Marino Canal will join the alumni of talent to make their Farringdon debut, at 25 years of age the emerging talent also hails from the same land as that mecca of international dance music hedonism, Ibiza. While the White Isle attracts the front line of headliners during its swollen summer season, little is seen of the country's native talents, but this year Canal was given the opportunity to have his first gig in his home land playing an afterparty for IMS. This is where he first made his impression upon Reilly – who then returned to London freshly enthused and eager to find Canal a place to showcase his sound in our rooms. With the imperative to share Canal’s sound in Room One this weekend coming direct from Reilly’s passion for this emerging artist’s studio output, we handed him the interview reigns for this introducing feature today to uncover more about the Spanish artists influences and how he operates in such a precise and controlled manner. A mix has also been supplied in order for us to properly showcase the sounds promised to be emitted on our Martin Audio rig this weekend. It’s all part of us joining this young artist on his journey from home to to stage and home again as next week we’ll be sharing a tour diary finding out first-hand what Canal’s experience of Room One was like. Download: Marino Canal fabric Promo Mix There are times when there are probably more DJ’s on the island than anywhere else on the planet. It must be tough to get deck time against a tide of international DJ’s, was this an issue for you? When and how did you start playing? In January I sent some tracks to Danny Whittle, he liked them and I got signed to his management company IBZ Entertainment. He invited me to attend the International Music Summit and I ended up playing the after-party on the closing day, that was my first gig in Ibiza. Getting deck time is a matter of patience, especially as a newcomer. It was inspiring to see tINI supporting young talent such as Bella Sarris and Randall M, etc.. It goes to show that there is room for young talented artists on the island. Your production work shows a great maturity for a young musician. Can you tell us more about your work process is it primarily digital adventure or do you apply more of the elements of your musical training? Thank you, it's primarily digital. I can start building an idea in various ways but usually I pick a sample and build up from there. I might get that sample from my dad’s record collection or maybe a Youtube video. I'm subscribed to a couple of obscure forums which feed me material to sample from on a daily basis. I try not to analyze what I'm doing while I create a track. Once I've got a solid idea I'll then create a melody that fits. I played piano and was classically trained so there's a bit of that in my music. It's good to know what you "should" be doing so you can do something different and create the unexpected. The obvious breakdown, build up and drop feels boring to me so I try to avoid the usual structure in my productions. Do you consider yourself a musician that DJ’s or a DJ that makes music? I feel that the way I play today blurs the barrier between DJ and musician. At the moment I'm using my laptop to play with four decks and effects. It allows me to be totally free and I've always liked the idea of a DJ set as one flawless and continuous track. The way I make music is similar but instead of having 4 or 5 channels on a mixer I've got 40 inside my computer, in my opinion the concept is still the same, a seamless story. Please don’t be offended by this, but for a young man your sets demonstrate a high level of restraint, discipline and confidence that usually comes from either a lot of experience, or resolute belief in what you are doing. Does your confidence come from belief in the sound you are building, or have you become confident through the experience of good public reception? Where do you think this comes from? All this comes from my passion for electronic music and sound in general. When it comes to my sets I'm really obsessive and I have a very clear picture of the sound I want. I try to infuse them with elements that help me create a subtle, melancholic, and hypnotic mood. An audience responding positively reinforces my belief that what I'm playing is somewhat decent. I have read that you were exposed to artists like Eno and Philip Glass from a young age, Can you tell us a little more about other and more recent influences on your music? There are too many to fit here but these are some recent ones which are influencing my productions. Murcof Zimoun James Blake Nicolas Jaar Samu.l and the artist collective Pluie/Noir are also two big influences. How are you feeling about the gig. Are you nervous, excited, or just can’t wait to get stuck in? I've heard many stories about what the club looks like and what an impeccable sound system it has in every room. Right now I'm trying not to over think about what the crowd will be like and all the details, I'm just focused on preparing for the gig. As soon as I set foot on the airport though I'm gonna be so nervous they'll probably pick me for a cheeky random search at security. Are you preparing for this gig differently in any way than you would normally, this is your first time to London right? I've been putting a lot of effort into making new tracks to play at the club, chopping some tracks and finding new exciting music. It's actually my first time at fabric and my second time in London. I went there in 1995 with my family and stayed for a month, I remember getting lost in Hyde Park for like 5 minutes, I was 7. Now I'm 25 and looking forward to get lost in fabric. Tracklisting: Andras Toth - Detroit Echo Tool Unkown - Untitled (Toolwaxx) Dubfound - The Time Marino Canal - Air Bruno Pronsato - Nobody Calls Jay Bliss - X (Petre Inspirescu Remix) Egal 3 - Petruce Johzy K - Faith Wade - Naom Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela - 1000 Tones Chad Andrew - Chess Vid - Undivid Wade - What's Up Dejvid - Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Proudly People Remix) Efdemin - Blount Brett Jacobs - Beat Parade T.Ricci - Tagged Up (Wade Remix) Medeew & Chicks Luv Us - High Grade (Vid Remix) Ezequiel Sanchez - Destination (Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu Remix) Dwig - Feige Dattel
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