Audio: Hear Prunk & Chris Stussy repping for PIV

Prunk & Chris Stussy put out their first record together, a punchy house cut called The Machine, in 2015. The snappy one-sider dropped on the seminal New York label Nervous, which says a lot about the pair’s musical world: experts in classic, floor-minded deep house with an unmistakable swing, their main source of inspiration is what was happening in New York and Chicago through the early to mid-90s. Today this sound can be heard clearly via PIV, the label and party they run together from their Amsterdam hometown. Long considered a staple of the Dutch city’s famously vibrant electronic scene, the pair’s parties typically host contemporary champions of slick house grooves like Archie Hamilton and Djebali with legendary figures they were influenced by as teenagers. Their upcoming Forms session with us is no different, not least because they’ve invited New York house pioneers Mood II Swing to make their Farringdon debut. They’re joined by a host of newer faces, with both Prunk and Chris Stussy set to return to the booth. We invited both artists to compile a mix ahead of the session, and like their PIV showcases, they took the opportunity to present the two strains of their sound. While Prunk digs deep into his crates of vintage, soul-drenched house, Chris Stussy goes groovy with a bunch of fresh, unreleased cuts to show where they’re at in 2020. Download: Prunk Forms x PIV Promo Mix Download: Chris Stussy Forms x PIV Promo Mix
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