Audio: Instinct blends vintage UKG, punchy house and percussive club rhythms

For a good few years now, James Burnham has been carving out his own take on the recent UK garage revival currently permeating club music. Operating under the alias INSTINCT, he’s honed a sound that marries the 2-step tempo of artists like Dem 2 with a minimal and tech house twist, resulting in a string of dancefloor bombs that are now fetching silly money on the second-hand market. Burnham is, of course, in a good position to master this hybrid style: while UKG has been his primary modus operandi for the last few years, he’s been putting out slick four-to-the-floor cuts for more than a decade, mostly under the guise Burnski. He’ll be channelling his INSTINCT head when he plays at Forms alongside Seb Zito next weekend, which means we can expect a blend of the various strains of his musical palette, with garage at the core. He does the same on his mix for us, drawing an intersection between vintage UKG flavours, punchy house and percussive club rhythms. Download: INSTINCT Forms Promo Mix
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