Audio: Kutz FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Croydon’s Kutz has enjoyed a swift rise to prominence since his first productions hit the floor on Soul Jazz Recordings in 2009. They didn’t come out of nowhere, but on the back of his DJ craft first formed at the tender age of 13 and in alliance with the crew of DJs that we today thank for forging the South London dubstep sound. He'll be in Room Two tomorrow night with a couple of the originals Hatcha and Chef making it prime time for this FABRICLIVE Promo Mix from the Room Two steppa featuring some very special dubs and exclusives for your ears. Tracklist after the jump. DOWNLOAD: Kutz FABRICLIVE Promo Mix Tracklist: Kutz - Rock n Rolla (Black Gold Records) Dismantle - Detonate (Black Gold Records) Kutz - Big n bad - (Benga Beats) Wolfgang gartner feat Will.I.Am - Forever (Kutz and Plastician Remix) (Ministry of Sound) Dream - Dolla Bills (Dub Plate) Stinkahbell - I Can’t Love You Kutz - Superman (Wheel and Deal) Trolley Snatcha - Make my Whole World (Dub Police Records) Taiki and nulight - Dirty (Benga Beats) Dream - This isnt house (Benga Beats) Kutz - Canonical VIP (Benga Beats Dubplate) Stinkahbell - Switch Up The Gears (Scarlet Air) Plastician feat Doctor - Bad Like Us (Terror Rhythm Recordings) Dismantle – ComputationVIP (Wheel and Real Dubplate) Hizzle guy - Prime time (Black Gold Records) Farkas - Tribal Dance (Biscuit Factory Records) Jack Beats feat Leonard Cohen - End of Love (Kutz Remix) (Sony Music) Benga - I Will Never Change (exclusive) TC and Jake – Don’t Play (Northbase VIP) (exclusive) Swerve and Marco del Horno feat Blacks and Lady Chan - Rewind (Kutz remix) (Black Butter) Dismantle - 2 in 1 (Black Gold Records) LAXX - System Melt Down (Black Gold Records) Soap Dodgers - Trouble in Detroit (Wheel and Deal) Photograph by Sarah Ginn
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