Audio: Technicolour - FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

LTJ Bukem’s music, as much as his ‘In Session’ stranglehold on Room Two on the last Friday of the month, has been well documented over the years. His FABRICLIVE 46 mix may have physically marked the relationship he has with us here, but what he still continues to do is push a more musical tangent within drum & bass. It’s a trait he looks out for, recognising the melodic possibilites of tracks and producers and he still continues to put them on, giving them the opportunity to show the rest of us what he saw in them from the get go. The latest producer he’s brought to our attention is Londoner, Technicolour. As his name suggests his music is bright and a little mixed up; an end product thats created by a mixture of influences and sound colours. But weak analogies aside, Peter Rogers’ music has caught our ear and after his releases on labels like Critical, Fokuz, Shogun Ltd and Technique we've managed to catch up with him. We grabbed a mix straight from his hard drive and shot him a few questions so he could better introduce himself... Download: Technicolour – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix (Tracklist below) For those who may not be acquainted with your sound, can you introduce yourself in 10 words? Bearded, crate-digging junglist, with cat, from South-West London. What have you been working on recently? As always I’ve been trying to make as much music as possible, in between working full time and spending far too many hours on eBay buying obscure, privately pressed new age LPs. How did you get involved with d&b? I’m originally from Luton, and growing up there in the 90s there was a strong rave and jungle scene. I started off listening to pirate radio, then cycling to our local record shop after school with my pocket money to buy the newest DeeJay Recordings release. It just grew and flourished from there. I’ve been buying the music since that point, but in 2002, after moving to London, I bought myself a computer and finally started trying to make this music I’d been listening to for 10 years. My debut single came on Ennex Records in 2005 and since that I’ve had singles on Technique Recordings, Critical, Spearhead, Viper, Fokuz, Rubik and Shogun Ltd. How would you describe the music you make? I’ve always been a lover of lush, musically rich drum & bass, and my sound reflects that. Jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, ambient: it’s all in there in one way or another. Hopefully it’s music that evokes a feeling or emotion in the listener. As well as making them want to dance, obviously… Can you tell us more about upcoming music from you? These days I am working almost exclusively with Bedford’s finest, Komatic. We first collaborated in 2008, and since then we’ve been making lots of music and drinking far too much red wine together. The tunes have increasingly become better than our solo output, and we’re getting great responses to all of our new material, so expect lots more Technicolour & Komatic music in the future. Forthcoming in the first half of this year are singles on Fokuz, Shogun Ltd, Integral and Spearhead. Ahead of your set here at the end of the month, when you'll be joining Bukem in Room 2, what can we expect from the night? Well it’s Logical Progression, so as always it’ll be deep drum ’n’ bass of the very highest calibre. I’ve always been a bit of an LTJ Bukem fanboy, so to finally get the chance to play alongside him, and in fabric no less, is going to be very special. Expect vibes. Catch Technicolour in Room Two on the 27th January. Technicolour – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix Tracklist: 1. Calibre ‘Windows’ (Signature) 2. Komatic ‘Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour remix)’ (Spearhead) 3. Technicolour ‘The Harp Tune’ (Fokuz) 4. Pennygiles ‘Au Revoir Blackbird’ (GLR) 5. Bungle ‘The Siren (feat. Ayah) (Bladerunner remix)’ (Spearhead) 6. dRamatic & dbAudio ‘6 Degrees’ (Mars) 7. Calibre ‘Hummer’ (Samurai Red Seal) 8. Technicolour & Komatic ‘Those Feelings’ (Shogun LTD) 9. Level 2 ‘No Time VIP’ (Liquid V) 10. Atom ‘Dolly (Lynx remix)’ (Sonorous) 11. Technicolour & Komatic ‘The Deepest Blue’ (Viper) 12. LSB ‘The Hurting’ (CDR) 13. Technicolour & Komatic ‘Ever After’ (Fokuz) 14. Spectrasoul ‘Alibi’ (Critical) 15. Logistics ‘Fibreglass’ (Hospital) 16. BCee ‘Keep The Faith (feat. Robert Owens) (Marcus Intalex remix)’ (Spearhead) 17. Icicle ‘Arrows’ (Shogun Audio) 18. Random Movement ‘Feeling Translated’ (Innerground) 19. Logistics ‘Gang Colours’ (Hospital)
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