Catching Up With... Subb-an + His fabric Promo Mix

Birmingham’s Subb-an has clocked up an impressive discography since he was first exposed to the scene in 2008 on Leftroom. Making his way into the fold in a string of EPs on label pedigrees Crosstown Rebels, Spectral, Saved and My Favourite Robot; his consistent run of quality remixes have got multi-talanted stars, Jamie Woon, Lana Del Ray, Noir & Haze and Hollis P Monroe all wanting a piece of his profile. In between studio time and his house music pilgrimages around the globe, Subb-an and Adam Shelton run One Records, a forces du jour for the likes of Hector, Yakine and Kris Wadsworth. Making his Room One debut this Saturday night for the heated Crosstown Rebel return; we found it the perfect time to pounce with our questions. Read on for the full interview, plus Subb-an drops us an absolute bomb of a promo mix - expertly tweaked and pathed to deliver knockout house grooves. DOWNLOAD: Subb-an fabric Promo Mix 2012 Hey Ash, we last had you in the disco for the Hot Natured Room Three takeover. How did you enjoy the party? Yes I remember that night and weekend very well, it was part of a marathon four-gig weekender, which set the tone for the year. The night was great at fabric and I've come to know the guys well, Jamie more so. He's given me some good advice over the years and has always been an inspiration to me, plus he is great fun to hang out with! How does it feel to be playing Room One this Saturday for the Rebel Rave takeover? GREAT! It will be my first time in Room One and with it being a Rebel Rave with the crew it’s sure to be a lot of fun. I remember going to Room One for the first time seven years ago and having some of the most amazing experiences, so it’s great to experience it as a DJ. Bit of a tough one but if you had to pick a stand out moment from your career to date what would it be? Very tough one, but I guess it would be being lucky enough to remix artists like Lana Del Ray and Jamie Woon, although there have been so many great experiences I have had in the ten years I have been collecting and making records. The clubs I've played, the places I've travelled and the friends I've made through music are all a blessing. How much of your time is devoted to co-running One Records? What’s new from the label that we should be looking out for? At the moment Adam has been doing a fair amount as things have been a little crazy, although we both still look after the label together. We're both very excited for the label this year as we have been since we first started it. Coming up next we have a really great EP from SLOK with killer remixes from Kris Wadsworth and Alex Arnout. We have a solid seven track Various Artists to follow and after that Anthea has given us a great sexy, dubby, druggy vibing track with herself singing on it. Dan Ghenacia has done a solid remix and Adam and me are working on a remix on it too, so it will be a strong package. We also have some music from Burnski, DJ W!LD and Hector. What’s happening with the re-edit side project you share with Adam Shelton? What are some of the lost classics you’re itching to get your hands on? Hmmmm, good question. We do have a small list but I am actually meeting Adam this month to discuss the future projects so we are yet to decide. Do you have plans to make an album soon? The ideas for projects and tracks on an album have been on the agenda for the last two years. I've been collecting my ideas and noting everything but I don't plan to start work on the album right away. I want to feel comfortable when putting it together and I'm in no rush, I would say it will be a lot further down the line. Tell us about the slew of remixes you’ve done recently hooking up with the likes of Lana Del Ray, Jamie Woon and Holis P Monroe? Yes, I've been rather lucky on the remix front. All three tracks have been great to sit down with and re-arrange and play with the parts, as you can imagine the parts are very good. The interesting story behind all three remixes is that I started the foundations of them all in different places as I was on the move, I then finished them all back in my studio in Berlin. I think the Jamie Woon remix came about first and got me very excited. I was having a few days in Gran Canaria before a gig so got cracking whilst I was there. I think he’s a super talented artist and a great representation of quality music from the UK so it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to remix him. Noir got in touch regarding the Hollis P Monroe remix which again got me super excited, as it’s a classic. I remember doing this at my friend Esa Williams’ studio in Glasgow as again I was on the move. It was fun as I bought a Roland 505 when I was there so got stuck into that and Esa's Juno 106. The final out the three and the most recent was the remix for Lana. This was a really great project, as I love her music and her voice. I remember starting the remix in London thanks to Alex Arnout letting me camp in his studio until I arrived back to my base, thanks Alex, How much time do you get in the studio and what are you working on that we should know about? At the moment not enough. I'm actually taking a few weekends off from touring so I can get some routine back... studio, gym, sleep, decent food. It’s very important to me. Although time has been tight, I have been working and have some cool projects coming up. I am working on a Tiga remix right now and also a new track with Adam Shelton. I have done a remix for Saved Records and have just released a new track with Beckford for Spectral Sound. Other than that, I also have some bigger projects, but until they are finished and confirmed I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. What are you looking forward to most about the rest of this year both in music and your personal life? In my personal life I'm super excited to see my Mum and Sisters who will come to visit me in Berlin in April and also a holiday to Hawaii planned with my girlfriend later this year. Musically I can't wait to play at Detroit Movement Festival and of course my debut in Room One for you guys. If we left you on a desert island with one album to keep you going what would it be? Whitest Boy Alive or Blood Orange or Radiohead.
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