Catharsis only club music can create: LCY's new EP 'He Hymns' is out now on fabric Originals

LCY's daringly, dark and introspective 5 track release is now fully available digitally and on vinyl.

Out today (19th May 2023) on fabric Originals is a powerful, personal and inherently unique release from UK dance music producer and DJ, LCY. He Hymns takes us through a wild range of heated dancefloor tracks, all with the overarching, playful, and semi-ironic theme of worship.

The full EP is now out in its entirety. Following two single releases, 'Bad Blood' and 'Sora', and a stellar review from Pitchfork, the project is available to stream and to order on standard vinyl and limtied edition Originals vinyl.

Like a songbook dedicated to dysphoria, He Hymns is a forward-thinking re-invention of club music and a spin on religious imagery and tone. LCY's own vocals interject into tracks, with organ stabs throughout pounding holy visions into our minds, only chop this back up and dissect it violently; repurposing it all for for the contemporary ritual of the club.

He Hymns is a song book written in relation to organised religion, its relations to my continued unpacking of gender and sexuality and how a lot of these forced conformities have subconsciously affected my musical expression and often conflict my existence and ability to move forward." explains LCY. There is a conflicting duality to the project too, perhaps reflecting LCY's search for both balance and healing. Side A seems to convey an uplifting sense of euphoria peace and love, while side B showcases anger, rage and resentment - one, of course, is always being necessary for the other to exist.

"Ultimately, LCY reserves their reverence for the moody strains of UK club music. Church would certainly be more fun if it sounded like this." – Pitchfork

Looking back on the project, LCY continues, "Over the last 2 years I’ve been finding ways to tie songs of worship (dedicated to my own fictional worlds) into club tracks by writing these expressions and reframing them, with a special focus on somatics and how movement and dance can act as a form of therapy. Although this project doesn’t have its own non-fiction story-line its intent was to act as a hymn book from the same universe, it has served me as a form of creative healing."

Especially over the last few years LCY has become one of the guiding lights in a scene of fans who like their club music deep, dark and perpetually rhythmic. Their new release is another example of the artist transcending musical boundaries, taking from a wide range of musical influences to create their own fluid hybrid style that indulges the deepest desires of those who chase a visceral dancefloor response. Dive deep, submit, and enjoy.

He Hymns is out now on digital, streaming platforms and on standard and limited edition vinyl. There are still copies of both available in our fabric and Bandcamp stores
Pre-orders of the product shipped earlier this week.

Order He Hymns on vinyl here.

LCY – He Hymns

  1. Sora
  2. Believe
  3. He Hymn
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Heartbreaker