.Cent Magazine - Issue 15: The Keith Reilly Issue (Preview)

Back in April of 2010 Keith Reilly, creative director here at fabric, guest edited an edition of .Cent Magazine. It was a labour of love, a completely in depth and sprawling association that saw him dive headlong into the issue's theme, 'A Sense of Purpose,' filling its multitude of pages with pieces on his little obsessions; something you’ll come to love about Keith given but an hour in his company. We posted extensively on the project here, explaining that the ideology behind .Cent is a little different to your everyday publication. “.Cent is a bi-annual magazine celebrating creativity in all its forms. In each issue we invite a well-respected creative, or creative duo, to choose a title that expresses something core to their beliefs,” goes their manifesto. “They then invite people with whom they have worked, or admire, to interpret the title from their own imaginative perspectives, giving readers the opportunity to see the guest editor in a more personal light, whilst also showing all the facets that they encompass. .Cent then welcomes a worldwide network of creatives from fashion, art, music, design, illustration, literature and others, to contribute with their own interpretation of the title. These contributions are then shared with the readers without the heavy hand of an intrusive editorial opinion. This inimitable concept allows contributors to speak directly to the readers, creating an intimate yet open debate.” In an attempt to further your understanding of the project and of the massive task Keith took on, we’ve kindly been given a preview PDF of his issue which you can download at the link below. Download: .Cent Magazine – Issue 15 Preview PDF In Keith’s own words: “A sense of purpose is fundamental to everything we do at fabric, otherwise, quite simply, what would be the point. Replication is utterly devoid of any level of stimulation to me. If we do not aspire to do things differently we are not creating, we are involved in nothing more sophisticated than a manufacturing process.” For more information check out
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