Continuum Guide: Are you ready for Ricardo?

FAQs covered for our next 24+ hour stint this weekend.

We can't wait to dance with you to celebrate one of our core family members this weekend. Whether you're planning on coming for 4, 14 or 24 hours this weekend, there's some important info you'll need to know ahead of time. We've compiled it all for you below - food, FAQs, ticket timings and all the rest.

Set times are, in traditional extended party style ???? – just how we like it. Food however is very much locked in. For this edition of Continuum, we've got MyPixxa down for a sexy array of veggie, vegan and meat options served in Room 2 from around 11am Sunday until 8pm in the evening. Room 2 will also be open as a dedicated chill-out space on Sunday too. And don’t forget about our £10 Sunday morning entry tickets.

There'll also be unannounced B2Bs between different couplings of those on the line-up and probably some surprises too. Keep reading for more info on party rules, details on re-entry tickets, set times, and generally all your usual FAQs covered.


"What can I expect from Continuum this weekend?"

- Non-stop, around the clock music

- Staple sets from Ricardo and his special guests, plus surprise B2Bs

- A breakaway from usual club night conventions

- Stuff to sustain you: Pizza, tea, coffee, smoothies and snacks, and all usual club beverages

- A new chill out space located in Room 2...

“Can I come and go?”

All tickets allow re-entry. Dip in and out as much as you like.

“Will there be tickets on the door?” 

Yes. As always we will leave a limited number of tickets on the door. 

The beauty of a 24+ hour event means we’re always open. Whether you’re down for an early morning session, or fancy popping in after the pub on Saturday night, we’ll be open for a dance. 

Advance tickets are running low. If you’re dead set on coming, act fast. And don’t forget about our £10 Sunday morning entry tickets.

“Will there be food?”


MyPixxa will be down down for a delicious array of veggie, vegan and meat options that will be served in Room 2 from around 11am Sunday until 8pm in the evening. Room 2 will also be open as a dedicated chill-out space for a section of Sunday too. Eat anywhere in the club.

Coffee and tea can be found by the Free Water Bar. Fruit and snacks will be available at the Sunken Bar throughout the entire event

“What's the deal with the chill out space?”

You asked. We listened. Room 2 will be open during the day on Sunday as a chill out space with ample sofa seating and space to chill, eat and take a moment.

“When will set times be released?”

Set times are, in true Ricardo style, ????. We're not giving anything away until the day.

Other important info:


All tickets come with a re-entry wristband.

Make sure to check your entry time. This will be stated on your RA ticket.

You will not be able to re-enter after Sunday midnight (23:59).

Upon re-entry, you will queue and be searched again. Please consider that there could be a slight wait if you arrive at a busy time period.


fabricfirst club and combo members will have their usual door privileges.

Members can jump the queue with their priority access as well as access cheaper advance tickets. Remember proof of active membership for the door. Members will still need to wait to enter if the club hits capacity. Find out more about becoming a fabricfirst member.


As always, stay safe and look after each other.

Keep hydrated with the Free Water Bar next to the Room 1 bar and take regular breaks for fresh air. If you need to take some time from the dancefloor at any point, there are chill out spaces throughout. Take a breather on our outdoor seating, by the Mezzanine, at the Sunken Bar or in the zone between Rooms 1 & 2.

Welfare is located by the Smoking Area.There is a dedicated taxi waiting area and Wifi zone by the exit.

Check in with your friends and leave together, safely.

No Photo Policy:

Get those phone cameras off and enjoy the music.

Check List:

Remember your ticket if you bought in advance.

Photo ID
It’s no ID, no entry. Every visitor must have a valid, in-date ID with them to be scanned on arrival. (We are a 19+ venue).

Good vibes, respect for fellow club goers, and a continuous energy.

See you soon.

fabric x

Final tickets available here.