Crate Diggin’: Marco Faraone’s ten essential Italo house records

Marco Faraone has been releasing music for a decade now, and in that time he’s become a staple of Italy’s techno scene. Signed to labels like Drumcode, Rekids and his own Uncage imprint, Faraone’s sleek production methods have made him one of the country’s best-loved producers. As a DJ Faraone is equally lauded, balancing a long-running Tenax residency with regular global dates. Faraone might be most commonly known for slamming four four nowadays, but before he was producing his tastes were largely shaped by Italy’s house scene of the 90s. Ahead of his debut with us for Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks takeover on 20th April, he tipped us with ten essential Italo house records for our latest Crate Diggin’ feature.

Problèmes D'Amour – Alexander Robotnick [Fuzz Dance]

Alexander is one of the most legendary producers we have in Italy. This record came out before the 90s, and it still sounds new today. Imagine a track like this coming out in 1983! I think it’s one of the most revolutionary Italo-disco tracks that’s ever been released.

What You Need… – Soft House Company [Irma CasaDiPrimordine]

This record came out in 1990 on Irma, one of the most Iconic Italian labels of its time. When I have the chance to play this, people who remember the tune completely freak out. The vocal is just amazing, exactly “what you need…”

Calypso Of House (Paradise Version) – Key Tronics Ensemble [Irma CasaDiPrimordine]

I do not have so much to say, but to close your eyes and dream...

Alone – Don Carlos [Calypso]

This one is – for sure – one of the most legendary tracks ever released and produced in Italy, it was the tune that opened the world up to the Italian house sound. A real gem, and such a timeless song from Don Carlos. The melodic Italo-house classic features a beautiful ‘Paradise’ mix as well as synth-y ‘Flute House’ version, alongside an ambient sax rework. Sexy pads, solar vibes, endless piano riffs… together as one beautiful timeless gem – just incredible, and that's why he’s the DON!

Night Walk (Night Walk Version) – Kamasutra [Wildflower]

My close friends Alex Neri and Marco Baroni delivered such a beautiful masterpiece here. Alex, the legendary Tenax resident was (I think) one of the first Italian producers who exported the Italian house sound to the UK. That's why many of his productions were a big success there. In this track, they mixed house and techno progressive grooves together. Maybe they were the first ones doing that. Real masters.

Tribute – Pastaboys [Re»»Vox]

The Pastaboys are indeed one of the most iconic names you’ll hear in the Italian house scene. The trio from Bologna always delivered incredible tunes and tracks that built many generations. Uovo, Rame and Dino are three very good friends of mine, and this tune is one of the biggest hits we are proud of. I was really honoured when they released one of my first records on their Manocalda label back in 2009. I was very young and a huge fan!

Can We Live – Jestofunk with Ce Ce Rogers

Jestofunk was a project born in 1990 between three Italians; Moz-Art Rispoli, Francesco Farias and Blade. The single Can We Live was the highest selling record they produced, which lead to their album In A Black Dimension which came out in the spring of 1994. They had a unique sound, and they’re still one of the most important and respected names of the old school Italian scene.

Talkin' About The Power (Club Phunk Mix) – Blade + Liam J. Nabb + Simone Fabbroni [Amoco]

The vocal on this tune just makes me crazy, in a good way – and I love it. The funky vibes on this track keep you dancing non-stop. I can imagine it being played at a sunny outdoor party on the beach – typical Italian style, just like a good pizza.

Move Your Body (To The Sound) (Club Mix) – Korda [Palmares]

Alex Neri and Marco Baroni produced this record together before they started their Kamasutra alias. This track was one of the biggest hits of the 90s, solidifying their position as important house music producers. The arrangement sounds like a tool, chords don't change, and neither does the bassline, but the vibe and vocal makes it unique. So much love for this one.

Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix) – Agua Re [Oversky]

Getting repressed repeatedly in the UK – this record is a real masterpiece. Heavily influenced by the Ibiza sound of the 90s, Alex Neri and Baroni killed it again with this one. Imagine how much success they could have had if they released all these amazing tracks under the same name, and not so many different aliases! Another personal gem of mine from the 90s.

Audio Trip – Dreamatic [DFC]

This track was released on DFC, also known as DanceFloorCorporation. The label became known for releasing mostly Balearic tunes back in the days. Audio Trip was kind of revolutionary for the label because here they tried to mix trance sounds with house, and the result was absolutely awesome! The groove and bassline is very punchy and the melodies make love happen. A real banger to play forever.
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