Data Memory Access and Andy Luff talk Picnic Records’ 10th Birthday

This Saturday (26th March) Picnic Records will celebrate their 10 year birthday right here in Farringdon. Ahead of their big birthday extravaganza, we touched base with Picnic founder Andy Luff, and Data Memory Access – the project of Giammarco Orsini & Jacopo Latini, who join the beloved London crew on Saturday night for a live set – to get the lowdown on what Picnic is all about, why they’ve chosen us to host their celebrations, and what we can expect from DMA’s very first live set at the club.

Oh, they’ve also provided some bespoke mixes ahead of the party this weekend. Keep reading and tuck into some soundbites from one of London’s, and our own, favourite crews, and lock into two mixes celebrating the sound of Picnic Records.

Data Memory Access

What excites you about playing at fabric for the first time? 

Data Memory Access: The honour, that’s what’s truly exciting. It’s one of the most well-known and respected nightclubs in the world. Back in Italy, the compilation series defined our adolescence, and we remember the thrill of visiting the club for the first time as teenagers. fabric is legendary and it’s an honour to share our first live set as Data Memory Access.

What’s been your biggest musical influence to date?

Data Memory Access: We dedicated years to researching music, driven by the passion for the Italian club and rave scene of the 90’s, which we both grew up on. Once we met in the studio for the first time in late 2019, we understood that we were looking in the same direction during the creative process. Not a genre in particular, but more a natural feeling: futuristic but with a nostalgic touch.

What is Picnic all about? 

Andy Luff: Picnic for us has always been about friends and family. What is a picnic? Aside from the scotch eggs and sausage rolls it’s a gathering of loved ones spending time together. Over the years we have always focused on creating a close-knit community and bringing good people together. It's been so important for us to grow organically and be able to share our passion with like-minded individuals. I really feel that it is felt on our dance floors. Reaching the 10 year milestone is a massive achievement for us and we couldn’t have done it without the continued loyal support from those around us. 

Musically I think our sound is true to who we are as people and we continue to strive towards delivering the very best in house and techno music. The celebrations at fabric will be a pure reflection of what picnic as a brand stands for. We can't wait.

What did you enjoy the most about your last time playing at fabric?

Andy Luff: Everything! The last time playing at fabric was filled with so many different emotions, it was a real rollercoaster. The party was on the eve of the pandemic and we were receiving so many calls and texts from friends saying they wouldn’t be able to make it, so of course there was a lot of anxiety setting in as to how the night was going to unfold. We had already lost our headliner Fra and could count near 250 people who had dropped out. Then Tom and I walked into the empty club and every inch of anxiety disappeared and was replaced with pure excitement. 

We had done it. We made it to the holy ground that was fabric and were the first outside promotor to take over the Saturday night program. What an achievement. My stand out highlight has to be playing on the V6 rotary mixer. The hydraulic valves respond to use and become warmer as the night progresses so when the first record was played the rotary dials were very heavy and not so smooth but by the end of my set they were moving like swiss clockwork.

Andy Luff

We’re excited to host your Birthday at the weekend. What can expect this Saturday?

Andy Luff: 
After our 8th birthday we were so excited to get back into the club and this was decided as the perfect date to do so. fabric is as iconic as it gets for London clubbing institutions and it is somewhere that we have grown up listening to house and techno music. 

Over the years I have had some of the best nights of my life in this club and one of my very first clubbing experiences was on the room 1 dance floor. I remember Onur Ozer playing and it completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. I said to my friend Abi that night that one day I'll play in Room 1 on a Saturday night. I certainly didn't expect that 13 years later, Picnic would be hosting its 10 year celebrations here. For me, that is what fabric symbolises and inspires. It is the dream factory, and now we are living our dreams.

Data Memory Access and Andy Luff join tINI, Dyed Soundorom, Night Moves, Sweely & more on Saturday 26th March for 10 Years of Picnic Records. Tickets below.