fabric Originals: Heated techno track 'PRESSURE' from TYGAPAW out now

Blistering new track from TYGAPAW, ‘PRESSURE’, drops today (23rd February) on fabric Originals.

Today (23rd February) New York club scene figurehead TYGAWPAW releases new track 'PRESSURE' as a follow up to the previous single 'MYSM' via our label imprint home for original new music, fabric Originals.

‘PRESSURE’ is high-tempo and unrelenting techno that’s set to send shockwaves. It's the second single from TYGAPAW to arrive via our label imprint for original new music.

As one of thevital figures in the New York club scene, TYGAPAW is cementing their vision to create music as escapism, a platform for cultural critique, and catharsis. In doing so they are drawing us into a brand new era. ‘PRESSURE’ evokes the energy of a steamy club, and just like ‘MYSM’, invites us *all* to move.

Listen to ‘PRESSURE’ in all the usual places here.

More TYGAPAW news is on the horizon – and don’t miss their set at fabric for Love Child’s Room 2 takeover for Continuum on 11th-12th March. Tickets below and here.