fabric Originals: LCY creates deep, dark, dance music on new EP 'He Hymns'

The first single 'Bad Blood' is out now.

Bristol-born, now London-based, dance music powerhouse LCY helms the next release on our flagship label fabric Originals. Today (5th April), LCY reveals forthcoming EP set to comprise only original new music, He Hymns set for digital release on 5th May and vinyl release on 19th May. The sparse and atmospheric new track 'Bad Blood' is out now giving a flavour of the new project.

Having become one of the UK electronic scene's guiding lights, LCY creates music for the heads that like their club music deep, dark and with a heavy dose of rhythm. Previously LCY has released predominantly on their own label SZNS7N, known for dissecting and prescribing musical forms into their own unique, fluid and hybrid style. He Hymns comes off the back of a hugely successful few years in clubland and beyond for LCY, and represents the next output on our new label as we continue to celebrate and platform some of the key players in the next generation of explorative club music.

He Hymns will be available on both digital and vinyl (include a version with a limited edition Originals sleeve). LCY describes the project as "songs of worship", and an exploration for a sense of self and solace in a time of turmoil. He Hymns is an embodiment of LCY’s vision for the haven of the club: dynamic and confounding club music that forces us to face up to our darkest desires - and our most delightful sins.

“'He Hymns' is a song book written in relation to organised religion, its relations to my continued unpacking of gender and sexuality and how a lot of these forced conformities have subconsciously affected my musical expression and often conflict my existence and ability to move forward,"
explains LCY. "Over the last 2 years I’ve been finding ways to tie songs of worship (dedicated to my own fictional worlds) into club tracks by writing these expressions and reframing them, with a special focus on somatics and how movement and dance can act as a form of therapy. Although this project doesn’t have its own non-fiction story-line its intent was to act as a hymn book from the same universe, it has served me as a form of creative healing."

'Bad Blood' is out now to celebrate the EP announcement; a glitchy, twisted, drum-focused exhibition that propels us into LCY's sonic space, and invites a delightfully visceral re-imagining of the dancefoor experience.

"The first single 'Bad Blood' is one of the only purely darker sounding tracks on the records," LCY recalls. "It was created with raw hatred, self hatred, jealousy and resentment in mind placed on the B side in opposition to the more uplifting sounds of side of A.”

Pre-order the EP here.