fabric Originals: new bass compilation 'fabric SELECTS II' is out now

The 10-track curated project features new music from Le Motel & Flowdan, dBridge, Neil Landstrumm, Bluetoof and more

New bass compilation fabric SELECTS II is out now on streaming platforms. The project is a curated release celebrating bass music past and and present, arriving today on fabric’s flagship imprint for new music, fabric Originals.  

In addition to two singles already out ahead of the full compilation release – Skream’s remarkable return to dubstep ‘Summoned’ and emerging UK producer LUXE’s tension-filled ‘Duality’ – the compilation features original music from Le Motel & Flowdan, dBridge, Al Wootton, Neil Landstrumm and more. After SELECTS I’s techno compilation, SELECTS II puts focus on bass, featuring a host of the scene’s most creative and forward-thinking producers and stakes claim as fabric’s vision on what the future of the genre could sound like.

Iconic figures in the bass music scene such as dBridge have contributed tracks. With a long-standing relationship with both fabric and FABRICLIVE club nights dBridge is a perfect fit for the fabric Originals debut bass compilation. His track ‘Ecstatic Madness’ exhibits the artist’s linchpin status in the scene perfectly; an atmospheric drum and bass track with haunting and immersive tones taking the listener through a deep bassline, intricate drums, and an evolving sense of impeding – yet welcome – danger.

Elsewhere, “Wild Guide” brings the formidable East London grime MC Flowdan together with Brussels-based DJ and producer Le Motel for a gritty and glitchy production that sees Flowdan’s lyrical prowess come back “like-a-bad-habit” full force in the centre of the compilation, underpinned by Le Motel’s pin-point and intricately layered production.

Meanwhile emerging and new-scene producers and creators such as Ehua, with the almost-glacial and growing ‘Giada’, Kessler who follows Ehua by kicking it up a notch on ‘Simma’, and Bluetoof, whose penultimate track on the project ‘Inverted’ upends our expectations through subtle layers in the bassline and a consistent driving intensity, all work to ground the narrative of the project.

Harriet Bliss of fabric Records, explains the curation of fabric SELECTS II: “With this compilation fabric are aiming to take on the future of bass music through an amalgamation of sounds that live in different spheres but marry together cohesively. From the club’s heritage sound in drum and bass, to slower tempos in techno, all complimented by London's seminal dubstep influence. These tracks carry the main theme of bass, paying homage to London's sound-system culture."

Stream fabric SELECTS II here.