fabric podcast 024 – Trixie

Trixie taps in for Episode 024 of the fabric podcast ahead of our Birthday next weekend, when the beloved London DJ will play Room 3 during the Saturday night section.

A solid background in classical music and a fascination with the origins of music form the basis of Trixie’s signature sound. As an artist, she’s become fascinated by seamlessly merging natural textures with electronic components – just like her energetic, pumping and groove-laden new mix for us shows.

Trixie’s role in London’s scene is prominent, and growing and can often be found spinning at some of the capital’s most revered underground spots. Beyond just playing though, Trixie's musical expertise extends to curating a monthly live event that combines acoustic and electronic elements at Sketch London, providing her with a platform to showcase her diverse musical talents and a keen ear for curation. Proficient as a DJ, music producer, and audio engineer, Trixie embodies a unique brand of sonic versatility, always evolving whether working in her London studio or performing live. As a producer, she’s an active contributor to the renowned Neotropiq and Animism events and labels, with a debut solo vinyl EP recently launched on Dream Dancing Records.

After debuting the club back in June, Trixie bounces back in on 14th-16th October for our Birthday marathon event. Catch her play Room 3 with the likes of Jake Beautyman, Terry Francis and Anna Wall. Tickets below and here.