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Chaos In The CBD unlock hidden house gems on their 'presents' mix

New Zealand siblings Chaos In The CBD are next up for the ‘fabric presents’ mix series. New track 'Higher Elevation' is out now.

We're delighted to announce that New Zealand house music duo Chaos In The CBD will be joining the 'fabric presents' mix series with a new 23-track release out on 31st March 2023. Today (18th January) the pair are putting out their own new track 'Higher Elevation' to introduce the project and give a flavour for what to expect from the anticipated fabric presents Chaos In The CBD.

Featuring tracks from Hanna, JUZU, J.D. Hall, Joshua, Raymond Castoldi and plenty more, the upcoming mix is a mesmerising homage to the hidden gems of house. Chaos In The CBD showcase their strong grasp of house music history throughout the release, making this compilation essential listening. The first time almost half of the music is available digitally, from sought after vinyl to pulling from a DAT tape, compiling it was a musical expedition and one of our most challenging licensing project to date. Creating a tunnel between 1990 to 2007, the mix is a timeless listen, condensing the ebbs, flows, gear changes and the feelings that surface during an all-night set experience in 80 mins. Set to stand the test of time, it will surely be appreciated by older heads of the rave just as much as the new generation cutting their teeth on dance music.

Their addition to the series comes after a solid year or so for the pair, comprised of sold out tours, thousands of vinyl sales, their fifth Boiler Room and general dancefloor domination, including a pack-out fabric show last February. Chaos In The CBD sum up the project as - “An ode to what we believe are the hidden gems of house music that have made a huge impact on us."

"We’ve adored so many of these tracks for years, some we’ve never been able to play out until now because we couldn't source high quality digital versions or vinyl was super rare. It’s an honor to rejuvenate these records. To keep the flames alive is very important to us. We’ve loved the process of compiling this, and how much work fabric put into licensing these tracks makes it even more special.”

Casting an eye back on Chaos In The CBD's musical influences over the years, documents a unique relationship between the pair and us, fabric. Rewind to 2007. Caspa & Rusko have just dropped what was soon to become one of the most staple dubstep mixtapes; FABRICLIVE 37. The young brothers Louis and Ben would repeatedly listen to the CD in their car when driving out of town on long journeys. Mesmerised by this unusual and unheard music, they did some digging to find that fabric was actually a club in London, sparking their curiosity into the institution they now find themselves working closely with. In 2012 they moved to London to pursue a career in electronic music, which took off with a chance meeting on a train with Bradley Zero, and they’ve since ascended as an adored, highly respected and vital duo for keeping OG house cuts alive in clubs and festivals educating their younger audiences - just as their contribution to ‘fabric presents’ showcases.

The compilation’s new material and first single comes courtesy of Chaos In The CBD. An exclusive called ‘Higher Elevation’ out now (18th January) which blends in with the rest as an everlasting house cut with its delicate dreamy keys, fluffy bass and a groovy loop which you could two-step to forever.  

“We always try to make music that is timeless and our aim here was no different. The true litmus test was placing it alongside all these amazing tracks on the mix that have endured for so long. We hope we have achieved that”  
Chaos In The CBD

The highlight-heavy compilation also shows off personal artwork shot at the Egyptian Pyramids. A special place in the duo's lives and a nod to Louis Armstrong, adding an extra layer of sentimentality to this stand out project.

fabric presents Chaos In The CBD – Tracklist

1. Paradise Presents Afrikali - Out Of The Jungle (Dancing Flute Mix) [Easy Street Records]
2. Z-Formation - Secret Departure [Hi-Bias Records]
3. Turntable Terror Trax - Fingers [Low Frequency Recordings]
4. Hanna - You & Me [Room Records]
5. Ronin - Romantic Yearnings [Night Lights]
6. Chris Brann - Journey To The Centre [Peacefrog Records]
7. Miquifaye ft. Javairia Ali - Never Let You Go (Cosmic Vision Vocal Pass) [Metaphor]
8. Raymond Castoldi - The Jungle [X-Ray Records]
9. Psychedelic Research Lab - Tarenah (Chill Mix) - 2021 Remaster [Gyroscopic Recordings]
10. Deep Sided - Fly You [Chicago Deep]
11. Joshua - Worry No More [Prescription]
12. The Element - Oh You Got Me (The Deeper Than Deep Mix) [Nervous Records]
13. Byron Burke presents Komputer Kidz - String Section [Nettwerk Productions]
14. Chaos In The CBD - Higher Elevation [fabric Records]
15. Dana Kelley a.k.a Dr. Pompeii - Sassparilla Tea (Deep Dub Mix) [Fourth Floor Records]
16. Brothers Of The Underground - Gotta Love [MixxRecords]
17. The Logic Box - Seven [Adult Only Records]
18. JUZU A.K.A. MOOCHY - Lugar Precioso (The Drums De Fuego Version) [Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts]
19.  Blak Beat Niks - I’ll Be There (Kerri Chandler’s Brazilian Vibe) [Large Records]
20.  Morada - Night On Earth (Alex Neri Dub Mix) [DWBoys]
21.  Box Clever - I'll Eat You (If You Were A Box) [Conceive Records]
22.  Sound Clash Republic - Raunchy After Dark [Junk Rock Records]
23.  J.D. Hall - Into You (Johnathan Morning Mix) [Sunfire Records]

fabric presents Chaos In The CBD is out on CD and digital platforms with 8 of the full-length tracks selected for a double vinyl product on 31st March 2023.

Stream the first single and pre-order the mix here.