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fabric presents TSHA

TSHA heads up the next fabric presents compilation

When Bonobo featured TSHA on his 2019 fabric presents compilation, the London-based self-taught producer was a lesser known rising talent, a unique sound bubbling under the surface of the scene, ready to explode – in the best way possible. 3 years later, TSHA lands with her own presents mix, as she continues to set the scene alight and carve a space for herself as a leading light in multi-genre electronica.

Now, with fabric presents TSHA, the future-facing producer is platforming fellow artists in the very same way Simon Green (Bonobo) first spotlighted her, coming full circle to mix her own volume in our longstanding series.

With this future-facing energy TSHA pays it forward, uplifting fellow underground talent, and paving the way for a whole new generation. The full 25 track release features the likes of Elkka, Posthuman, Jacques Greene, Gallegos, UNCLE KNOWS and more. So, if you don't know, get to know.

Leading with ‘BOYZ’ (out 23rd February), the compilation parallels the spirit of her DJ sets; uplifting, energetic, simultaneously paying homage to vintage dance floor sounds and a classic raver spirit. All packed with infusions of acid house, rave and old skool.

"I already had the loop down when I got asked to do this, so I thought it was a good foundation. I’m mashing lots of elements together and it has a big sound. It reminds me of fabric.” - TSHA

“The idea of the mix is very acid house. I love the idea of old skool rave culture, the ethos around peace and love as well as the aesthetic that comes with it, so that's what I wanted to bring with the mix. Lots of old skool vibes, which is the reason dance music exists – to break down barriers and bring people together."

"I was trying to take it back to core dance music, which is about escapism and fun and connecting with people, I really wanted to introduce people to artists they'd never heard of before and make it a platform, just like Bonobo did for me. He made people aware of me. A lot of the artists featured are ones who’ve randomly sent me music and they’ve always had an amazing reception, but some of them no one really knows about yet.”

“fabric is very British to me. I'm very proud of the dance music that comes out of the UK and how innovative we've been over the years in dance and electronic music in general. To me, fabric has been the face of this. I wanted to make sure this mix was an amalgamation of the different sound coming out of the UK.” - TSHA

fabric presents TSHA is out on 6th May on CD and digital with 12 of the full-length tracks selected for a double yellow vinyl release.

Pre-order now. Stream BOYZ.