Bobby. selects five key Pleasure Club tunes

It was Bobby., fabric resident and founder of one of the capital’s favourite local parties and communities Pleasure Club, that said this weekend was set to be something of a “Houghton reunion” – and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Many of the fabric staff had the pleasure of attending Craig Richards’ very own Houghton Festival this summer, and with highlight names from the festival such as Michelle - who delivered one of our favourite sets – plus Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz (who reunite this weekend once again), OMAR, Binh, fellow Pleasure Club resident Mariiin, and Bobby. himself all set to play this Saturday night (17th September), we’re gearing up to be transported back into the magic that Houghton created for many of us when it returned this year.

Ahead of the weekend when Pleasure Club will takeover an entire room, we asked Bobby. for some highlight tunes that represent the party he first founded in 2018, and best showcase what you can expect to hear bouncing out of the Farringdon sound systems in just a few short days…

Bobby. plays B2B with Mariiin this Saturday (17th September). Plus Craig Richards B2B Nicolas Lutz, OMAR, Michelle (Live) & more. Tickets here.

Low Frequency Overload

"This was the second release from N-Gynn on the label. I remember the first time I played the demo of this in a club and the reaction was amazing. It went on to be a defining moment on the label and is possibly our best known tune."



"I also remember very clearly the first time I heard this one. Johnny sent it to me live from the studio as a voice note and I was blown away. I actually had to encourage Johnny to release it as he wasn’t totally sure and I’m so glad we did. It’s got a breaks and UKG vibe but with this psychedelic soul shining through. It came out during lockdown and there is a remix package coming later in the year."



"The Inside Out LP was Francesca’s first release on Pleasure Club - a mini LP of sorts with six tracks across the vinyl. It’s a fantastic piece of work which traverses electronica, breakbeat and electro. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I always come back to ‘Tao’. 808 electro at its most cosmic."


Trippin’ Balls

"Another one from N-Gynn. This is one of my favourites from the back catalogue because it feels so different to anything else. It’s centred around a snake charming synth melody which hypnotises and enchants in equal measure, but it also has this nostalgic early rave thing going on which builds and builds throughout the track. Killer."


Francesca - Nine Tens (Bobby. & Mariiin Remix)

"As part of the recent Francesca remix package, Marinella and I had a go at ‘Nine Tens’. The result was something that doesn’t sound very much like the original but definitely works on the dance floor. Someone once defined it as a “breakbeat bassline banger with a cosmic arpy breakdown”, and I would say this is a fairly accurate description."


"Finally I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the label since it started in 2017. You are the life-force.

I also want to say a very special thank you to Remi Mazet and Thoma Bulwer for all their work on the releases. They are two of the best in the business. If you don’t know - get to know.

– Bobby.

Bobby. is fabric resident and founder of label, community and party Pleasure Club. Catch him at fabric on 17th September.

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